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View from our bus window, not the day we wished for to...

Rain, Rain Go Away . . .

Our 1st rest stop of the day

Our bus

Narrow road, hope we don't meet a bus - but they have...

Pretty sharp turns on a bus!

Not much wiggle room!

Such a big, beautiful valley

MUCH prettier for real - photos cannot capture this view!

Coming up on another tight turn - there are lots of them!

Hope the bus driver doesn't sneeze!

Huge braided river below us

Dall sheep on the mountain - white dots w/legs!

Alaska has the most beautiful shades of green I've ever seen!

Everyone gets a good look! In Denali animals always get the right...

A very steady pace - King of the Road!

Our driver let other busses ahead so everyone could get a good...

Ptarmigan & chicks along the road - we were all looking for...


More Bear!!

End of the line - Eielson Visitor Center- great place to view...

Our view of McKinley!

A beautiful quilt of Denali Nat. Park - awesome detail

Yup, right out there . . .

These grasses were so pretty, all sparkles w/rain.

Our road

Bear being stalked by 2 wolves

This bear was watching us watching the drama below

Mom & 2 cubs

2nd view of mom & 2 cubs


more of our road

my view down taken from the bus window!

So happy that our driver has 4 yrs experience on this road!


On our way home, a little sunshine!

Another mom & cubs


Very pretty, but not McKinley!

Many places along the Parks Hwy to see Mt. McKinley - doesn't...

Nope, not today, but there's still tomorrow!

Flowers at our RV park


not too fancy, but what a great evening!

Rain most of the nite - we got up early to catch the 7:30 A (AT) bus for the 8-hr Denali NP tour - will add more journal entries later, just want to catch up a little bit. The morning was pretty much a wash out but then improved weather-wise (not enough to see Denali tho). The animal tally was excellent after a really slow 1st few hours. Couldn't get many good photos because of distance issues - but WOW. We saw a total of 13 bears (inc. 3 cubs), 5 wolves (one walked right in front of our bus, then led a caravan of busses for about an hour - he was such a character, walking right down the middle of the road for about a mile. Saw about 2 doz. caribou, 1 jack rabbit (very strange, since they are very much over populating the area now), a golden eagle & a small family of ptarmigan. The bus driver said the grand total for bears on a tour was 10- so we felt pretty good! We also had an amazing view of a large bear resting on a small hill, w/2 wolves trying to creep up on it. We sat for a long time watching the drama unfold - until after a long time of watching those wolves working their way closer & closer from opposite sides, the bear took after the nearest wolf, chasing it away & then turned on the 2nd wolf. It was drama in the wild - even our driver had never seen anything like it - he was excited as the rest of us! We got back to the mh, drove about 20 miles S to the little village of Cantwell. The RV park wasn't very fancy, but the owners couldn't have been nicer & the facilities were very neat & clean. We were invited to a 4th of July pot-luck dinner - they proveded grilled hot dogs & hamburgers. I felt funny going as I didn't have a dish prepared, but fixed some broccoli I purchased the day before, some cheese slices for the burgers & sliced up a jar of dill pickles I had in the frige. As w/most potlucks there was plenty of food - and boy did it taste good. We were planning on soup & sandwiches! There were about 50 people in attendance - from all over the US, a lot of fun (& I got 3 yummy new recipes!). Didn't even get back to the mh until ~ 8:30 P (AT). Very tired, smelling of the campfire - but very full & feeling great - nothing like sharing travel tales w/other RVers. Wanted to do some journaling, but my eyes kept going shut & my head falling forward. So I just called it an early nite (about 1 A (AT).

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