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Again we were told that our distance was short but the roads were so bad that we would need 4-5 hours to get to Beaver Creek. This time they were pretty much right on. The motorhomes had to slow to about 25 MPH about half the way. The fifth wheels and trailers seemed to be able to handle a little more speed. My little Class B could zip along at the speed limit a lot of the time and only slow to about 45 MPH for most of the others. This is because I am more maneuverable, I can slow more quickly, and I don’t have a long overhang behind the rear axel. I could get around the pot holes but the frost heaves would bounce me around. I did have to slow to 25 MPH a couple of times right at the end of the day.

We only stopped to use the outhouse. We never did find a place open that sold coffee. We arrived at our campsite about noon only to find that our leaders had stopped for lunch. We ate our lunch in the parking lot and read our books until Chuck arrived. He led us to our site and we got set up. We had free time until everyone was settled. Then we had our wagon-masters briefing. A little after 6:00 PM we all wandered over to the Inn on the property for dinner and a show.

We knew that there were to be other people at this deal. I had no idea that it would be 4 large Holland America tour buses full plus another tour plus all the individual families. There must have been over 300 people there in the middle of nowhere. The building was round with two rows of tables nearest the outer wall. The stage was against the wall also. There was a circular raised hearth fire pit in the very center and open space between it and the tables. There was a large circular hole in the roof over the fire.

Dinner was first. We had green salad, hot rolls, baked chicken, and beef stew. It was OK but not memorable. Dessert was Baked Alaska [sort of].

I can’t think how to describe the show. There was a guy maybe 40 and a gal maybe 30 and a piano player. There were all kinds of costume changes. The guy or the gal or both together sang and danced. Most of the songs were familiar tunes but the words were about Beaver Creek and the Yukon and building the Alcan Highway. They came out on the floor and had funny interactions with some of the audience. It was a fun show but not as much fun as the Fantastic Follies. It was quite late by the time we returned to the RV, but the sun was still up.

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