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The Plaza...Very Colonial Look...Lots of Tourists Too

The 'Gazebo' in Plaza Where We Listened to Marimba Music in Eve

Another Typical Bon Pose, Ha! Without the LP We'd Know Nothing!

Public Buildings Around Plaza

Along Plaza in San Jose

Bon Very 'Focused' - Ha!

Church Shot

Church Shot - One Bon Got That I Took of Her

Church Shot

Sunset on Cathedral by Plaza

Sunset on Cathedral by Plaza

Our Posada Mexico Hostel 'Plaza'

Chamula Church

Marketplace in Front of Chamula Church

Great Marketplace - Chamula

Old Graveyard - Crosses, Wht=Children, Blue=Midage, Blk=Old Geezers

Crosses, Wht=Children, Blue=Midage, Blk=Old Geezers

New Plot

View of Chamula From Distance

Back in San Jose

Typical Street - Top of Hill is Church We Hiked to

Looking Back at Town While Hiking Up Hill to Church

Looking Back at Town While Hiking Up Hill to Church

Church at the Top

Only 20 min. walk from Don Alex Hotel to bus...another sunny, windy day but humid. Glad we are walking in early AM. Beautiful mtns, tho many places trees gone, replaced by corn on steep hillsides. Not a formula for sustainability. Arr in S.C. del Casas about 4 and hiked 1 km to Posada Mexico Hostel - there are 2 w/ this name very close tog. Luckily we came to this one 1st, nice open sitting area outside, lots of folks, friendly...on corner of Josefa Ortiz and Felipe Flores.


Caught colectivo to Chamula - main attraction, the Church...not the building but the amazing prayer/shaman life going on inside. There for over an hour watching them spread pine needles on the floor (changed 2-4 times a week), shaman light multitudes of candles in 3-4 lines (burn down and in ritual swat central ones out after sprinkling water over them), several chicken sacrifices also. They believe if someone is sick, the illness will enter the chicken and die -

The old graveyard around the old burned out church also very interesting just up the road from 'new' church & plaza/market. White crosses for children, blue for mid aged and blck for old ones who die (see pics).

Learn about Chamula

Back in SJ del Casas to visit bus station, get tickets...must take 7:15 am then another at 2:30 to Pichelinque or else we must stay night in Ocosingo and waste a day...not good planning on our part, we could have left for Ocosingo today. and seen ruins in AM very relaxed pace. Ah well, it is what it is, too much to see too little time!

Every 5th or 6th car is a VW bug, I swear! Sat in the plaza this eve and watched people, listened to marimba band play in the central band shell, and heard long tailed, black birds making all different sounds in the trees.

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