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Miss L in Cambellford

Rideau Canal

WE stopped at two different lock stations & overnighted. We will stay an extra day here in Merrittsville for Canada Day celebration with another boat, Otherwise, that we have mentioned. The trip up the canal, 40 miles so far, has taken us thru about a dozen locks. The scenery is amazing. Canada boaters however, continue to amaze us how they do not know the rules of the road. Hydrilla weeds everywhere, so we have to be extremely careful to stay in channel, otherwise props get wrapped & engines overheat. John continually watches the temp gages when he is not looking at Sue & noticing how beautiful she is. The folks here have been great. John writes this from the Merritsville Health Center who is letting him borrow a PC since his is not working too good. No, they are not making he get any shots. The navigating has been interesting, as we go thru bends that we wonder how a large boat could make it. It will take us 3-4 days to go the remiaing 80 miles on this neat canal, as there are speed limts (you would not want to speed anyway) & locks in addition to wanting to stop at the many villages along the wayt o sight see. Then we'll be on Lake Ontario. Thanks again for the numberous emails-it is great hearing news from home.

7/2-7/5 Rideau to Kingston

We are in Kingston for a little over a day. Was going to post some more pics, but the camera crashed. We hope we can save some of the info. The lower Rideau was a life changing experience. We went thru passages that on occasion, only Miss L could pass. Locked a bunch & met many great people. It was nerve racking one day as the winds were so tough, we made only 14 miles in 6 hrs - we could have walked it that fast - so we tied to a wall in Smith Falls for the night. A WalMart right across the street. On one occasion, as we entered a narrow area, very high banks around us, John kept on driving straight, not seeing a VERY small cut to our right, & fortunately someone saw us & made enough noise to make us stop. They pointed into some trees & said that is where the channel is. John looks at it, says to Sue, no way, looks at the charts & says,"way", yep it sure does tell us to make a nearly 180 degree turn. In we go, with a couple of other boaters behind us, including Otherwise, & we were ok once again. We considered ourselves lucky on this one, as just off the channel are nothing but rocks, making John miss the many stumps of Lake Norman. We continue to see many falls, cliffs, wildlife, but the overall beauty of this area & the experience makes us want to come back real bad. now we ahve done it, having only one clear foot of water under our props & channels only 30 feet wide are not as bad - except when the winds are kicking at over 30. We have bumped a few lock walls, but no other boats, yet. We head for Trenton tomorrow if Miss L wants to. It is up to her. She has hated running at less than 10 mph for 2 weeks now, so we have clogged fuel injectors. Got her checked out by a guy yesterday who happened to be around - he build engines for race boats, mainly Fountains & Cigarettes. He fixed us up we believe to make a go of it on Lake Ontario to Trenton. Then up the next major attraction of the trip that John has wanted to make - the Trent-Severn Waterway, 200 miles of what many say is the best part of the loop.

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