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Hazelton, BC - K'san Campground - Site 21

Hazelton, BC - K'san Campground - Site 21, another view

Just a few of the many, many ravens hanging around the campgound...

River running beside K'san Campground

K'san Village 1 - These are the houses making up the K'san...

K'san Village 2 - the Frog Clan house

K'san Village 3 - the Wolf Clan house

K'san Village 4 - The Fireweed Clan house

K'san Village 5 - the Carving workshop - This is where the...

K'san Village 6 - Totem 1

K'san Village 7 - Totem 2

K'san Village 8 - Totem 3 - notice that this totem isalso...

K'san Village 9 - Totem 4

K'san Village 10 - Totem 5

Four-Wheel drive motorhome! in the K'san Village parking lot

The suspension bridge over the Hagwilget Canyon

The view up the Skeena River from the Hagwilget Bridge

The view down the Skeena River from the Hagwilget Bridge

Our trip from Terrace to Hazelton started with a trip to the Terrace Ford dealer to get an oil change which only took about an hour. We then only needed to travel a little less than 90 miles to get to Hazelton. Hazelton, BC is about six miles further off the Yellowhead Highway than New Hazelton, BC and is the Old Town of the First Nation Indians. The original natives who occupied Canada before European settlers arrived are call First Nation people. Their culture has been kept alive by their descendants and thrives in little settlements like the one here at Hazelton. We are staying at K’san Campground which is part of a larger attraction depicting the life lived by the First Nation peoples in times gone by.

The campsite has full hookups and WiFi is available at or near the office, not in the individual sites themselves. Like the Ferry Island Campground, K’san Campground is also on the shores of the Skeena River. The Skeena is the second longest river in British Columbia. The sites are reasonably large for an RV Park and I was able to get the DirecTV sighted in but we are on the edge of coverage so it doesn’t take a very heavy cloud to interrupt the signal but definitely better than nothing! We also have cell service again so that makes it nice. We feel like we are working our way back to civilization once again.

Thursday we went to see the K’san Village which is a replica First Nation village built about 40 years ago to show visitors their culture. It was very interesting and explained a lot of what we had seen in other clan houses while in the Inside Passage. This was the first place where we had a tour guide to explain things to us. We also went back to the Hagwilget Bridge we had driven over between Hazelton and New Hazelton yesterday. This is a single lane suspension bridge spanning a small canyon created by the Skeena River. It has a very odd shaped design steel grate decking and Libby had more trouble driving a straight line than the Mothership did yesterday. It would really be great fun on a motorcycle!

Tomorrow we will leave early for our trip to Prince George. It will be one of our longer trips, almost 300 miles – that’s almost 500 kilometers for you metric junkies!!

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