1/27: I have decided against 10 plus hour bus rides for the rest of the trip. Instead of going from Don Det to Phnom Penh (12 hrs), i opted to spend the night in Kratie (6 hrs). Upon arriving I checked out a couple of guesthouses, which were full. At the 2nd a good looking British girl, Jonette, trying to exchange books offered to split her double room with me. Not being one to turn down a girl inviting me to her room I jumped at the chance. We then grabbed some lunch and walked around the market at the center of town. After showering we grabbed some beers and headed to the river to watch an impressive sunset. That night ran into my Finish friends and had a good time telling stories and catching a pretty nice buzz.

I took a bus the next morning for Phnom Pehn where I am currently getting settled in. I plan on spending a couple of nights before heading for the coast to Sihanoukville.

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