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Waterfalls everywhere

El Capitan at a distance


Half Dome

El Capitan


El Capitan again


Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls again-see the close up difference

Ancient Merced River with hillside of golden Cal. poppys




Wally, Miles, Emma

Paritally frozen stream

Look for force of the water

See the mist

No climbers today

The photos tell the weather story!! Our entry to Yosemite NP was greeted with sunny, 60 degree weather. NP awe inspiring views continue to take our breath away-majestic mountains, inspirational valleys, cascading waterfalls with powerful sounds-all in one eyeballs view! After a looooong drive from Oregon, we were very happy to see Wally, Jill, & Miles. Aren't all campfire dinners dee-licious? A simple but filling meal was ready for them. Miles is as tall as Big Daddy! I guess 14 year old boys are supposed to grow. Surprise, surprise! Pull the curtain on a different weather screen today, Mar 22. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Our vehicles were prepped with the mandatory 4 wheel drive and chains on board for travel through the higher elevations. Yosemite commands a respect of the natural forces at work-fire, (we witnessed a controlled fire in progress),rock slides(which we saw the results of a recent one), and flooding(run off from snow melt). A combined effort among the NP service, US geology service, BLM, and Forest Service insures the preservation of plant and wildlife ecology along with geological information. Now you are aware of the many hats worn here. Impressively, there is a formal "mountaineering" education program for college, rangers, etc. Visitors, like us,absorb what we can from the visitor's center! Off through the snow and ice we trekked for a close up of Bridal Veil Falls and Mirror Lake at the base of Half Dome. We've been told by many this is the optimum time of year to visit the park-it is less intense with human population and summer heat @100 degrees. One of the coolest things about NP's is the familiarity wild animals have with people. Jill and I closely passed a mama and baby deer; we saw six deer leisurely sitting under a giant evergreen.

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