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The Old State House in Hartford, Connecticut

The new State House in Hartford, Connecticut

A view across the lawn to the Justice building

On the capitol dome

Steve had gone off to move the car closer to the capitol and Frances had gone looking for a Connecticut postcard, I was waiting by myself in front of the capitol building in Hartford, Connecticut with all of our props gathered around me. We were pushed for time so I it was suggested that I begin reading my portion of the proclamation and by the time the others got back I should be finished or close to it with the Jeremiah portion. As I was reading - out loud - the two chapters of Jeremiah I couldn't help but notice the people going by. Some looked at me in curosity, most dismissed me totally, some were so busy with their life it is doubtful they even new I was there. As I was watching the people while reading the proclamation a thought came to my mind - "this is how my people treat Me." It was a shocking revelation to me for I heard the pain in YHVH's voice as His thought echoed in my mind. He is calling, He is warning, He is wooing His loved ones, but are we too busy, too impatient, to self-involved to listen?

The pain I sensed in His voice would suggest Yes. The people I see on the streets would also suggest Yes. Can we afford to be too busy, too self-involved, too impatient for YHVH?

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