Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Bart from Holland taking an age to down the beer that eventually...

Nutter beer monster Canadian bloke Dave!


Take off of the Oz Experience, Dingo style!

Stayed in this little place called dingo, actually - its a cattle ranch the size of BELGIUM home to 3.5k cows! Each cow has around 10 acres of land to itself due to the dry nature of the land and the sparseness of grass.

Anyway, basically was another excuse for a right piss up - did some line dancing, had no choice really, EVERYONE was made to do it at the same time and then had a tug of war between the two buses (Northbound and Southbound) and we kicked ass! Saw loads of green frogs again and me being me took loads more pics which I wont subject you to!

The morning after, missed brekkie =(, we went on a tour of the ranch where we got to watch a couple of guns being fired and had a go at cracking whips and then finished off feeding parrots and eating bush tukka!

Anyway, couple of pics for ya.


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