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our worst nightmare

One would think that after all the "home improvement" we did on the motor home last winter, it would be perfect. But over the summer Ken has worked hard to make the coach even better and safer. He has removed our old TV's in anticipation of the scheduled change to digital broadcasting over the air next February. Even though the satellite dish brings us many of the programs we enjoy, the local stuff has to come over the air. The old TV's were square-ish and built in, while the new ones are more rectangular and won't fit in the space, so we wrestled with how to fill in the gaps, given our meagre woodworking skills. The bedroom TV slid in from behind through the closet. The big TV over the cab was more challenging. We're pleased with the final product although the TV might still migrate over our heads on its swing arm when we travel over rough roads. Fingers crossed.

Other improvements were more safety oriented. We now have tire pressure monitors to let us know if a significant change in air pressure suddenly occurs. We have seen some horrifying photos of fellow RV'ers who were suddenly wrestling a rogue RV to a stop as the rubber disintegrated, blew up in the wheel well and shredded over the pavement. We also have a CB wired in that will allow us to eavesdrop on truckers' conversations and find out why we're sitting and idling rather than moving on down the expressway. Of course, we could also use it to call for assistance.

We also added a solar panel to the roof to keep the batteries topped off. After two months parked at home we were surprised that the meter indicated that we were at 60% capacity. At home we tend to take utilities for granted, but in an RV we need to pay closer attention and keep the batteries in optimal condition.

And then there are the things that just break down just like at home. The stairs that automatically come in and out when we open and close the door came out a lot better than they went in. They're fixed. The refrigerator that was supposed to switch automatically from gas to electric whenever we plugged in has regained its flexibility. Why get stuck using up the propane when we're plugged in at the campground?

Wonder what else will need to be repaired on this trip...

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