The Sea to Sky drive in the rain...

It was beautiful even in the pouring rain.

Our hotel was incredible...

Our room was like a small apartment...


Our hotel was surrounded with restaurants..

All pedestrian walkways, no cars allowed..


Cool shops..

Beautiful Fall tree colors ...







They have great tours, we took ours in our car..

We drove to Whistler Olympic Park but it was closed..

It is surrounded with glaciers..

Wowser zoom of the glaciers..

We saw rivers, streams and waterfalls on the drive..




Beautiful waterfall...




This is where we found our bear...

We enjoyed watching him ...

His area was well marked...

A beautiful river in the area..

Back in Whistler..

Our next stop was Lost Lake..

This is one of several lakes in the area..

They have a nice gondola ride too..

Last one, we loved Whistler!

We left Vancouver early this morning for our drive to Whistler, BC. We could not wait to drive the Sea-to-Sky Scenic Drive, it was beautiful, even with all the pouring rain. My pictures do not do it justice, I am adding a few rainy ones anyway. :-)

BC’s cliff-hugging Highway 99, which winds in and out of Howe Sound’s steep fjords from Vancouver’s North Shore up to Whistler is described by Wikipedia as one of the most gorgeous drives in the world. It was fabulous!

We are staying at the awesome Pinnacle International Hotel, it is like a small apartment with a full kitchen, even a dishwasher. We love the huge tub and the fireplace too. The view from our hotel is outstanding, we are right near the “stroll” which is a pedestrian walking area filled with restaurants and shops. You could easily stay here without having a car and find everything you needed.

There is a lot of wildlife in the Whistler area. They have lots of moose, elk, deer and tons of bears. They have awesome tours where they take you all around for wildlife watching. We decided to go on our own bear watching tour. We drove all around the area high in the mountains where the Olympics were held and many other places they listed on their tours. I am happy to report I spotted a huge Papa bear, we enjoyed watching him for a while.

We are very impressed with Whistler, we would love to return for a much longer stay in our RV. The Fall leaves are changing all over town, some are already in full color and are outstanding. We hope you enjoy all the colors. Check back later for more from British Columbia.

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