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Bridge to St George Island

Restoration work

This was not far from our site a week ago



Crashing waves


There were lots of big waves

They turned around - it was COLD!





The alligator showed himself


East Slough

A new weaving project

Another master chef meal

Another laundry stop




A pair of Osprey

Building their nest

Horseshoe crab

A Pelican


The Eagle and the nest. Look carefully to see the fledgling eagles.

We keep reminding ourselves that we are on a "journey of exploration and discovery." This reminder is especially true when the locations we discover are not fun. St. George Island was fun and we returned to it for four relaxing, wonderful days. While most of the Gulf Shore of Florida's Panhandle (which is called "Florida's Forgotten Coast") is forgettable, this particular location is one of our favorites. We met one couple and their daughter who have been visiting this campground since she was a baby (she is now in law school!). This says a lot for the dunes, swamps, sloughs, and wildlife which are four miles down the road from civilization with five more wilderness miles beyond the campground. In this second visit, we were able to more than just sample our surroundings as we had done during our first visit a couple of weeks ago. We discovered the power of the waves and surf after a front passed through. We found an osprey and eagle nest. We were able to watch the tides that uncovered ocean treasures and scattered them on the beach. But mostly we were able to have fun, not cringe at the unsightliness of over development, and enjoy camping in a wild untouched environment.

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