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View from Blanding to the west - April 27

April 28, near Bears Ears

Me, after 2 staircases, a scramble, and a ladder, overlooking Sipapu Arch

Owachomo Arch from distant overlook. Older formation, note thinness. Eventually, it will...

Off the beaten path, some ruins are unknown to the public, although...

Phil, Greta (Oregon) and Troy, Carol from Texas were part of the...

Cliff dwelling just above center. The next picture shows the surrounding rock.

Arch Canyon, site of many cliff dwellings. How did they bring in...

Happy trails. Do you think we left any dirt on the road?

We arrived at Blanding, Utah, on Sunday, April 27. The trip up here was a brief 70 miles through the Navajo nation and into Utah. The terrain had subtle changes, a few more shrubs here, a few sticking-up rocks there, and a slight increase in temperature. Best of all, light breezes replaced the strong winds.

Monday, we visited Bears Ears mountain, we couldn't believe there is snow up there! We went to Natural Arches National Park, which consists of a 7-mile drive with several opportunities to view the 3 rock formations, arches, from a distance and from close up. As you well know, if you want to view a natural bridge up close, you have to hike down 700 feet, scramble across bridges, stones, rocks, and a few ladders and staircases. We visited only one of them, which required our crossing 2 staircases and a ladder, and hiking down .2 of a mile, which was no problem, except at the ladder. Hiking back up was another story. I have to say, we're huffing and puffing less as we accustom ourselves to the altitude and keep up the effort of difficult walking.

Tuesday, we went dirt roading with a couple from Oregon and a couple from Texas. We drove to 3 places. At the first, we walked past an abandoned hogan and right up to an abandoned cliff house. At the second, we saw a restored kiva and brick walls of an abandoned community. At the third place, Arch Canyon, we saw a whole ledge with ruins from end to end. They were far away, but we had our binoculars with us.

Wednesday, Steve got really sick. The doctor said it was food poisoning, but we have been eating the same foods, and I feel fine. We'll just stay an extra 2 days. It's Thursday night, and he is much improved.

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