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Hopewell Rock, Bay of Fundy

Hopewell Rock, Bay of Fundy

The shore along the Bay of Fundy

We had this rural road all to ourselves

Low tide at Alma on the Bay of Fundy

The beach at Alma

I don't think it will rain, do you?

Master chef at work

It helps to have great ingredients

The beach at Fundy National Park

Evening concert/slide show - Fundy National Park

This morning started with a series of false starts. I suppose the fact we were looking forward to to getting back on the road exagerated the minor delays.

The bike was to be ready by 9:00 AM. It was actually 10:30 am when we did get it back, although part of the delay was because they were washing the bike. Part of their service which was excellent.

When we pulled out I immediately noticed a grommet missing from around the oil cap. Not essential but I turned around to see if they still had it. They looked for a few minutes with no sucess so we decided to go check out of the motel, load the bike, then return for the grommet.

At the hotel the only luggage cart was in use by a guy and his little boy. He was letting the little boy push and steer the cart which seemed to take forever. We finally loaded up and returned to the shop.

The mechanic thought the grommet must be under the cover on the bike so back it went into the shop. About 11:30 we left the shop, with the grommet in place. It was under the cover. No big deal but like I said, we were looking forward to getting going.

I punched a town along our planned route into the GPS to help me get out of Moncton. It wasn't long till I noticed we were heading down the wrong side of the river. I checked the map and found the town I punched in was not on our route but on the opposite side of the river; back to Mocton.

We traveled through downtown Moncton and found the bridge under construction and closed, meaning we needed to travel another 5 km or so through traffice to the next bridge.

By 12:30 we were finally out of Monton and on a nice rural road heading to Fundy National Park.

Our route took us along the bay of Fundy and the famous Hopewell Rocks. These are the rocks shown on every brochure ever printed for the bay of Fundy. Our first hint that it might be a busy place was the fact they had parking lots A, B, C & D plus motorhome and bus lots.

It cost $8.00 a piece to get in, $11.00 if you wanted to take the shuttle from the entrance to the rocks. We opted to walk.

The path was just under a km and the "traffic" of people comming & going was pretty heavy. When we reached the viewing platforms you basically had to stand in line to get a picture. It was high tide so we did not get to walk on the ocean floor but it was still impressive, despite the crowds.

After leaving Hopewell rocks we took a small backroad and the traffic just evaporated. We were almost the only ones on this winding, scenic road that runs right along the bay. This is more like it.

We came across a cardboard sign outside a small farm house advertising new potatoes we we stopped. The fellow there was a real gem. He had lived in the area all his life and worked at Fundy National Park for 31 years. He gave us the lowdown on everything around him, a bag on new potatoes and even a few carrots he pulled out of his garden as we chatted. Total bill $1.40.

We proceeded to the village of Alma and stopped at the fish market our potato guy had recommended. We picked up a big back of fresh Fundy Bay Scallops. It was threatening to rain but we decided to camp at Fundy National Park and take our chances.

Id did not rain, we cooked our selves a great meal of fresh scallops, potatos and carrots, then walked over to a concert/slide show that was being presented at the outdoor theatre right next to our campsite. It was very good.

The day got to a fustratingly slow start but the ride was great and we could not have a better end to the day.

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