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East entrance - notice the rock piles which were found all over...

Beehive rocks

Cleopatra with a beehive?

Atlatl Rock

Pteroglyphs on side of Atlatl Rock

Natural Arches

Petrified Logs found in park are kept in fences

look how this got to be the first State Park! cheaters

Desert bighorn sheep had just crossed the road

Mom got this shot of group looking at their leader on other...

baby and Mama get ready to cross

and the whole group crosses in front of us - how neat

pteroglyphs on right side of rock - I'm walking the pteroglyph trail

pteroglyph canyon trail goes that way

supposedly ends up at Mouse's tank - an old water hole like...

view from Rainbow Vista

they shoulda named these three rocks

movies filmed here

I walked the trail to this station for remains of movie set

colorful rock steps to the movie set

and these are the remains!

now, do I walk back on the left or the right?

can't get over the rock colors

biggest bee I ever saw

rocks seem to have scars running down from left to right

might explain some of the colors

Fire Canyon

desert lizard

Seven Sisters

CCC cabins that visitors stayed in in 1930's and 40's

Elephant Rock is on pamphlets about the park

Yoda or a monster crawling or ???

Moon Rise over Boulder Basin

Another shot from Sunset Lookout Point

There are a few places to see around Las Vegas that I hadn't heard of before. This is one of them - about a 1.5 hour drive from Boulder City to the north. Since we had to go through Las Vegas to get there (or back for a circular drive), we went to find where I need to go for my seminar in a couple of days first. Once we found that, we were near "The Strip" so we cruised that around noontime. There were alot of people out walking and shopping but Mom got to look at the facades of lots of casinos. I tried to get a picture or two for her out my side of the car and she took a couple herself.

There is a real nice drive with a few internal loops in this park that showed us rock formations and colors that were wholly unexpected. We thought we would see American Indians showing us their culture in different ways, but the closest we got to learning about the natives here was through displays in the Visitor Center.

I think the pictures can tell the story better than I can verbalize it. Suffice it to say we were both impressed and awed.

OH - check out the moonrise pictures I got of the full Harvest Moon coming up over Boulder Basin! (Hoover Dam wasn't lit up enough to take any pictures - I had to drive back there to check it out!)

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