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We need to have Cora back to catch her Boston plane on Sunday, the 22nd, so we will head back to Marlborough and our friends Carolyn and Tom today. We really don't want Cora to leave, we have had such a wonderful time with her. But she has been away from home for 3 weeks now and feels it is time to get back to reality. We will really miss her gentle ways and sweet smile. And I will miss the help in cooking and navigating. As a matter of fact, I think the reason she wants to go home is because she is tired of me getting us all lost. LOL

We left the Barre area traveling West on Hwy 89 to Burlington, picked up Hwy 7 and headed South through Vermont. After getting fuel at Rutland, we continued to Hwy 9, and turned east to Battleboro. There we picked up Hwy 91 into MA and then on to Hwy 202 where

we turned East and met Hwy 495 just north of Marlborough. Yes, that was a long way around, but we wanted to see as much of the beautiful Vermont country side as possible.

Even though it was a longer days run than we usually make, we still made it in time to have dinner with our friends.

It was so good to see Arrow again. I had really missed him but knew he was having the time of his life, so was not worried at all.

After laundry, a couple of days rest and taking Cora to the airport and Roger and I were ready play tourist again.

On Tuesday the 22nd, we did the Duck Tour in Boston. What a fun time we had on that one. Riding in old World War II Amphibian troop carriers, you get both a land and water tour. Our tour guide and driver kept us all in giggles as he shared the history of Boston, both ancient and new. It is a recommended fun time for anyone.

Wednesday we drove the car to Salem, MA. We had been told that we did not want to miss the Halloween decorations and people in costume the week before the holiday. Boy were we disappointed. There were very few decorations and we only saw one person in costume. I don't know if times have changed or if they just don't do things a week early anymore.

We took our usual city tour bus around and found Salem to be a beautiful old town. After the tour, we enjoyed walking around and seeing the old buildings and reading about some of the history of the area.

We were lucky to be able to catch The Bodies exhibit. This was fascinating. Through a process called plastination, bodies have been preserved so that you can see all the workings, muscles, sinew, even the tiny capillaries of the lungs. It was a very large exhibit and took almost all afternoon to see it all.

I'll add pictures to this later. I didn't do a very good job labeling the CD I burned, so I will have to find the right ones.

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