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Forest fires in Idaho

View from our hotel room


Sherry, Rick & Marilyn

Ed & Marilyn

Marina with little yellow houseboat

Near Stanley Park

One of the pool areas on the ship

Sailing away

The perfect ending to first day of cruise

This was the day we flew from Kansas City to Vancouver, B.C. We had a stopover in Salt Lake City, Utah. That is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever flown into. I still remember the first time I piloted the company jet into that airport, passing over the snowcapped mountains just below us, on the approach. It was awesome!

On the flight from Salt Lake City, we passed over some of the areas where the forest fires have been such a problem and I have a few pictures to share with you, showing the smoke from high above.

When we arrived in Vancouver, the Princess line met us and transported us to the Westin Bayshore Hotel. That was a beautiful place to stay, sitting right on the bay with a marina next door. Also next door was an excellent seafood restaurant called Cordera's. Within walking distance was Stanley Park which was absolutely beautiful, even in the rain. I do want to warn any of you who visit this city, that the prices are very high. Marilyn and I shared a seafood wok lunch, with a Canadian beer and the total cost was $47.00. Yes, that was in U.S. dollars. :(

Later that day, we walked around and took some pictures which I will share with you.

The next morning, which was Monday, July 23rd, we met Rick & Sherry for coffee, hugs, and excited conversation.

The four of us walked around, going over to Stanley Park for a few more pictures, then returned to catch the shuttle to our ship.

The boarding process was quite well organized and took only a few minutes. After checking out our cabins, we enjoyed a buffet lunch, which was the first of many fabulous meals we would share on board this beautiful ship.

We had time to explore the ship after lunch, and sailed at 5:00 PM. We were on our balcony most of the time, taking pictures, as we stayed close to shore, enjoying the wonderful scenic beauty of the shoreline. More pictures to share with you. :)

I don't know how to show you all of the pictures we took, because it takes so much time to upload them, but I definitely will try my best to select the better ones for you to enjoy.

When dinner time rolled around, I ordered the Prime Rib, after the lobster pate' appetizer, the pina colado soup, and salad, before finally having desert of custard with berries.

After dinner we moved to the theater for the evening show, which featured a comedian who kept us in stitches until we could laugh no more. We were in bed around midnight, thankful for such a wonderful beginning to this vacation.

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