Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

New Years Eve gets under way

The Chilean boys introduce us to pisco

The pisco and cola goes down a treat!

Aucklands sky tower

Everybody waits for the fireworks

Fireworks 2

Fireworks 3

Fireworks 4

Fireworks kick off

Helen sticks close to the guy with the rucksack full of beer!

Paul, Ignazio and Juan Carlos get ready for bungy missile

Paul tries to hide his fear - it's not working!

Get ready!

Up, up and away

The terror is over!

Up at 6am to get our flight to Auckland. Had our tent stripped and checked by bio-security in Auckland airport to check for contaminants brought from Oz.

Booked into the Fat Camel hostel in the centre of Auckland and went for our free tea and entered the quiz on the night. Got into a team with Gary and Claire from Leeds and JB from Texas who spoke like Forrest Gump. Surprise, surprise we won (making a habit of this after our success on Magnetic island), we took beer tokens over a free bus trip and decided to meet up the following night to celebrate our victory!

Had a 'doing' day on the 30th sorting out ferry crossing and car rental - very exciting stuff! Met for beers on the night with the winning members and then once the $50 winnings was finished we headed out to The Viaduct (harbour) for extortionately priced little stubbies at $7 a piece!! Made the one beer last as long as we could 'cos the view was nice and then headed back with Gaz and Claire to bar near the hostel for another beer. Got back to the room and found a mini party going on as Irish guys where leaving the next day, we flew down to the off license stocked up on cheap bubbly (£3) and headed back to get more than a little drunk on bubbly, vodka and 'pisco' a white grape brandy which 3 Chilean guys had brought over from S.America with them. We have now officially renamed Pisco as 'fire-water'!!

Next day we slept till 12, both had hangover and just crashed out in the TV room for the day. Finally got it together for the New Years Eve party with everyone else in the flat we where staying in. Party got going around 9ish when loads of workmates of our flat mates turned up. A few beers, glugs of bubbly and pisco with coke later we were heading out to see the fireworks off Auckland's sky-tower.

Saw the fireworks with 3 guys from Chile an Argentinean and a guy from Bristol!!

Headed off afterwards to find Latin club the S.Americans had heard about but after an hour of walking it wasn't looking good. Fortunately we came across a bungee rocket which Paul and two guys from Chile decided in their drink-addled state that they just had to do!! 10 minutes and $40 each later the boys flew into the air screaming like girls!! But at least they didn't chuck - and all thought it was worth it.

Got back about 2.30am tucked into a meatball subway and very cheap - very weak bubbly (5.8%) - class all the way for us two!

Woke up at 12 again, lounged around recovering from the previous night although neither of us felt too bad at all. Cooked ourselves a lamb stew for new year's day meal and treated ourselves to a movie on the night - guess which one???

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