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the "hidden" church

the "hiden" church

Jordan, Anna and I at Corri La Vita

Corri La Vita at Santa Croce Square

Corri La Vita at Santa Croce Square

Corri La Vita walkers- there were thousands!

Jordan and Anna at Ari's Diner

Anna, Jennifer, me, and Cal at Eito

Well, it was a pretty uneventful weekend here in Florence, but that was sort of the point. We slept in on Saturday and then went shopping. It is absolutely going to be necessary for me to buy a coat here, as it turns out- it is getting VERY chilly already. But instead I got a cute sundress (it was on sale being that it is so out of season). We also happened to find a church that our art history teacher was telling us about, which is just sort of tucked in among all of the new buildings that are there now. He wouldn't tell us where it was because it just would have been too hard to explain, but it was cool stumbling on to it- and the inside was beautiful (but too dark for pictures). We stayed home and watched Pirates of the Carribean on Saturday night, because Anna and i had to get up bright and early to walk in Corri La Vita (the non-competitive walk for breast cancer). It was really fun: 6.5 km, and we got to walk over every bridge in Florence- TWICE! We also got (in addition to the lovely t-shirts pictured) a matching Salvatore Ferragamo hat and a 2006 Corri La Vita poster calendar. After the walk, Anna, Jordan and I went to Ari's diner for brunch. It was cool- a 50's style American diner with American breakfast and MILKSHAKES (a rarity here)! Later Sunday night, Anna and I decided to finally go out with Cal and Jennifer for sushi. It was great! I felt so at home again. It was a really cute ristorante called Eito, and they had really good sushi and appetizers (and sake). It had been too long since we ate sushi, so we made up for it last night!

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