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We arrived in Lima a little earlier than expected. The bus ride was quite comfortable!!! The seats reclined quite a bit and the seatback infront of you had leg rests that folded down. Both dinner and breakfast were included and there were movies onboard too. There was even BINGO in the morning. That was a bit much for us --they said the numbers way too quickly for us!!! While we were busy translating the number and letter back to English, they were already onto the next!!! All in all, extremely posh for the price we paid (approx $30 Cdn)!!!

Our hotel is located in a suburb called Miraflores. It is much quieter here compared to downtown, but still has all the cafes and restaurants you would want. As our Machu Picchu hike starts soon, we decided it was a good idea to do laundry while we could.

We went to Chilis for dinner. Yep, they have one located here too! After a blooming onion and mushroom jack fajitas, we rolled back out onto the street and back to our hotel.

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