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Shortly after leaving the Coachlight RV park near Carthage, MO, at 7:30 this morning, we crossed the state line into the State of Oklahoma.

Our route of travel would take us to Tulsa and on to Oklahoma City, using the Interstate Highway which is a Toll Road.

At the first Toll Booth, the cheerful young lady looked at our truck & RV and said That’s $9.74 please.

I knew the Toll for 4 axles was $9.75 and the cost for 4 axles was $4.00, so I figured the total would be $13.75, and handed her a $20 bill.


I told her we were towing a little car behind the RV and she quickly replied, “Oh, that will cost you the entire $20”. “That is the cost for 6 axles” she continued.

I gave her a smile and drove on.

There was another Toll Booth after passing through Tulsa, where we wondered what the money in tolls was used for, as we rolled through huge potholes, shaking and slamming us around.

There were more than a few Grrr moments for me.

At the second Toll Booth, I rolled the window down and heard the expected “That’s $9.75 please”.

I told the young lady that I also wanted to pay for the car behind me. She looked that direction and asked, “What Car?”

I told her we also had a car and it was behind the RV.

“Is it being driven or towed?” she asked.

We are towing it I answered.

“That will cost you the entire $20” she responded.

I made a comment something about “That’s what I get for being honest”.

“You will be blessed for your honesty” she said, with a smile.


A glance at the fuel gauge showed that we would need fuel before long.

Finally, one of those restaurant and filling station combos you see on the Interstate highways appeared and I pulled in.

It was filled to overflowing with trucks and cars.

Marilyn & I both searched for the Diesel pumps and suddenly found ourselves in an area where we could not turn around and were forced to exit back onto the westbound lanes of the Interstate.

We continued west, looking anxiously for a truck stop.

The GPS guided us smoothly from I-44 onto the Kilpatrick Turnpike and the first of the four Toll Booths appeared.

I told Marilyn that I would ask the attendant for directions to the nearest Truck Stop, and we could fuel up.


The Toll Booth was Exact Change Only with no attendant.

We had no change and as we tried to figure out what to do, the traffic lined up behind us.

I noticed that our cost was supposed to be $4 and some change, and at the same time could see that someone had placed dollar bills in the basket.

I placed a $5 dollar bill in the basket and waited for the light to change to green.


The light remained red and the line of traffic behind us continued to grow.

I did what any red blooded American would do. I ran the red light and pulled off the toll road at the next exit. Not from fear!

We spotted a filling station with Diesel fuel. I pulled in and turned right to go behind the place, to the Diesel pumps.


It was only a Car Wash, and the Diesel pumps were in the normal car lanes. I had to disconnect the car to back up and then took the RV through the pump area usually only for cars and small trucks.

That was fun!

We left the filling station with Marilyn now following behind me, and of course we had to stop immediately after entering the Turnpike again, to pay a Toll. In Cash!

This time we were a bit more prepared and Marilyn gave me change enough to pay the 85 cents.

Two more Toll Booths followed and then we let out a sigh of relief as we turned down the ramp onto I-40 and headed west toward our destination of Rolling Retreats in Elk City.

I did take the time to call the Highway Patrol about the fiasco at the first automated toll booth and was instructed to call the Pike Pass office by phone on Monday.

So the Oklahoma Saga continues and I’ll let you know how it goes in the blog tomorrow evening.

Life is Good!

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