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Compared to the previous two days which had been glorious we woke up to grey skies and drizzle. Daisy was completely tired out from her long walk the day before so we left her in the coach and headed to the town of Diekirch to the Military Museum. The northern part of Luxemburg was part of the Ardennes area involved in the now famous Battle of the Bulge which took place between 16 December 1944 and 25 January 1945. This was a major and final German offensive campaign towards the end of WWII and was a surprised attack that caught the Allied Forces completely off guard and became the costliest battle in terms of casualties for the United States during all of WWII.

The museum was interesting in the way it depicted the artifacts and the key events of the war by a series of dioramas, modelled on actual photographs. There was also an amazing collection of photographs from the period from both the German and Allied forces, some showing, horrific battle and massacre scenes others just showing everyday life of soldiers and the civilian population.

An interesting museum to while away a rainy day.

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