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We were surprised to see bright sunshine coming in the window when we awoke this morning. Then we became a bit concerned when a glance at the clock showed that it was nearly 7:00 AM.

I had thought we might get on the road toward Hannibal around that time, but that wouldn’t happen now.

We took our time, shared a pot of coffee, and were still ready to go by 9:00 AM.

The drive back to Hannibal went a bit faster than normal today, with Marilyn driving her car instead of towing it behind the RV.

We had a bit of a tailwind which helped the fuel mileage.

I managed to get 10.1 mpg in the truck, towing the RV, while Marilyn simply tooled along behind me getting 50.1 mpg in her little car. That sort of puts me to shame doesn’t it!

We pulled into the Mark Twain Cave Campground right at 1:35 PM and were mostly set up about an hour later.

Marilyn & I then drove to the office to see our friends. They showed us around so we could see all of the improvements they have made in the attractions here.

It was nice to see everyone but we were really anxious to see Jennifer and the grandkids.

they arrived around 4:00 and we shared huge hugs with each one of them.

We talked for a bit, then played outdoors, before taking the family to the local KFC for some tasty food before they all had to leave so Colby could make it to baseball practice.

Tomorrow we’ll have Lauren with us all day and will see Colby in the evening.

So, the fun has begun.

I’ll have lots to share with you dear readers as our time here goes by.

We still have many small details to get finished before we are completely set up for “nesting”.

Marilyn & I are feeling like “Road Warriors” and it is good to be “home” for awhile.

Life is Good!

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