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This has been a busy week. We went out to eat with our friends Dick and Deanna to celebrate his birthday Tues. Night. We love spending time with them. Play bingo on Wed night , play cards on Thurs night and go to a Dance with Gary and Doris on Fri. Night. Today we are going to a woodcraving show and Donald is giving blood.

I guess the best thing I did this week is going to the doctor yesterday and got a shot in my knee. It is so good to get some relief from the pain. Can't hardly wait to get out today and try that knee out. Go back next Fri. for a shot in the other one.

Yesterday was our daughters birthday. Doesn't seem possible she is having another birthday. Of course it snowed because it always snows on her birthday. Ky has had its two biggest snows in history on her birthday. Her daughter ( Cassidy) said I wish it would snow on my birthday, which is May 31. I don't think she will ever get that wish. I sure hope not.

The weather is going to warm up think it will be 80 on Sunday. It has been in the lower 70's but the wind has been blowing so it seems cooler than that. In the 50s at night so that makes for good sleeping.

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