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Bolivia Summary:

From the little we have seen of Bolivia, we found the people to be very warm and friendly, and the country to be beautiful. We really wished we spoke more spanish, aside from the odd word and the poorly conjugated verbs. However, the people are extremely patient, helpful, and are very happy that we take a stab at it.

The highlight for us is Lake Titicaca. Our stay in the tiny town of Copacabana, located on the shore of Lake Titicaca, was a great place to relax. The town is fairly quiet, and has a lot of character. Apparently, there is a blessing of the local cars/vehicles each morning outside the cathedral in the main square, but we didn't get a chance to witness it.

Copa was also our launch point to Isla del Sol. On Isla del Sol, we did a cross island hike. The trail was more of a ridge walk, which treated us to incredible views out over the lake and the island. Though the hike didn't have too many really steep sections, it was quite the workout for the ol' ticker!!!! Hiking at high altitude is definitely a tough workout! Even a slight gradient gets the heart pumping!

Speaking of high altitude, we arrived in La Paz from Santiago and went from sea level to approx 3660m elevation. When we landed, we could really feel our chests were tighter. The first night, we both had an extremely fitful sleep, trying to catch some shut eye while trying to forget about the vice-like headache we both had. For the next couple of days, we continued to experience ailments that ranged from joint pain to headaches. In the end, it took 3 days until our bodies finally adjusted to the altitude.

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