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AZ 389 E of Hurricane, Utah

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam - Colorado River

Little Colorado River Gorge

Little Colorado River Gorge

Little Colorado River Gorge

Little Colorado River Gorge

Grand Canyon - Desert View – Watchtower, 1932 Grand Canyon - Desert View...

Grand Canyon - Desert View

Grand Canyon - Desert View

Grand Canyon - Mather Point

Last night a front blew in and the temperature dropped to 32 degrees. It was still cold this morning and a light jacket felt comfortable nearly all day.

Along the way I stopped several times to take pictures. The first one was an overlook at Lake Powell. The half-mile road up to the overlook was like a washboard! The view from the top was worth all the shaking, though. Farther along, I stopped at Glen Canyon Dam. The canyon, formed by the Colorado River, is very deep and rather narrow at that point.

Another interesting stop was at the Little Colorado River Navajo Tribal Park near Cameron, Arizona, which was established in 1962. It covers 360,992 acres in the extreme western portion of the Navajo Nation. This gorge is also very deep and narrow. The upper portion of the cliffs is fine textured limestone and the lower portion is sandstone. The colors of the rock layers resemble those of the Grand Canyon. The Little Colorado River is 275 miles long and joins the Colorado River at the south end of Marble Canyon where the Grand Canyon begins. At this park there were a number of Navajo jewelry and pottery vendors. I was hoping to get a Navajo taco but there were no food vendors.

At one scenic overlook, where there were more Navajo arts and crafts vendors, I got a little too close to one of them as I was driving to a parking space. My motorhome caught her umbrella and tore it on the edge. Aarrgghh!!! I couldn’t believe I had done such a thing. I gave her some money to have it repaired. She was very pleasant about the whole ordeal.

I arrived at the east entrance to the Grand Canyon around 4:00. My first stop was at the Desert View Watchtower to drool over the gorgeous panorama. The 70-foot Watchtower was designed by the famous architect, Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, in 1932 as a re-creation of the ancestral Anasazi towers found in the Four Corners region and preserved at Hovenweep National Monument in Utah. She was one of the first American architects to appreciate the utility and beauty of American Indian design.

As it was getting late in the afternoon by then, I decided I had best head for the RV park. I’ll have time to see the other viewpoints over the next three days. Barb had arrived at the RV park around noon, so she had already done some exploring. After I had gotten settled, we went to Mather Point to get some late afternoon photos. Then we went to the Maswik Lodge Cafeteria for dinner.

After dinner I uploaded my day’s photos to my computer. Tonight my Apple decided to see just how much stress it could cause me! First, not all the photos uploaded; so I had to try two more times to finish the job. Then, as I was editing them, they all suddenly disappeared – along with every other photo in the library. Aarrgghh and double-aarrgghh! I rebooted twice and the iPhoto library still is empty. However, all the thumbnails and full-sized images show in the folder lists, which gives me hope. Right now I can’t think straight but maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to figure out what happened and what to do about it. I downloaded the images onto my external drive.


Route: US 89 S to Cameron, AZ => AZ 64 W to Grand Canyon National Park

Total Miles Driven: 213

Weather Conditions: Chilly and windy

Road Conditions: Good. Two-lane all the way.

Gasoline Price: $2.859 at Kanab, UT

RV Park: Trailer Village, Grand Canyon

Park Conditions: Pretty, with lots of trees. Deer roam freely in the campground.

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