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First view

Bourscheid Castle






Great view from the castle

One of the towers

Imprint of old mosaic floor

Tony listening to audio guide

River Sure

Another view of the river sure

Along the River Sure

Looking the other way

View across the fields

Entering Esch-sur-Sure


River Sure from the bridge

Looking the other way

View down from the castle

Another view of the village

Leaving the campground we headed north to our first stop the village of Bourscheid. Our road took us high onto a plateau ridge above the many deep forested valleys. Our first impression was wow!. From the village we twisted our way down a forested hill to the Bourscheid Castle and stopped to explore.

In Luxembourg our guide book told us on the craggy hills of the Duchy there are over 130 chateaux‘s either old castles or handsome mansions. Bourscheid Castle is one of them. The castle stands 150 metres above the River Sure and 370 metres above sea level. Even today although most of the castle is a ruin it was an impressive site. The first castle was built on the site in 1000AD but what is seen today (with a little bit of modern restoration) dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries. The castle had not been lived in since 1803 when the last bailiff deserted the castle. In fact in 1812 the castle was put up for auction in parts as nobody wanted the castle.

As well as enjoying exploring the castle the views from the castle of the surrounding countryside were just spectacular. Daisy loved the smells of the old ruins.

We continued our drive. Our route found us twisting down and up deeply forested roads driving alongside the beautiful River Sure and sometimes on a high plateau ridge with panoramic views. We stopped on a regular basis either to admire the view or enjoy time by the river. The villages were all very neat, very quiet and virtually no services. The whole area reminded us of the Derbyshire Peak District.

Our final stop was in the village of Esch-sur-Sure. This village sits on an oxbow loop of the River Sure and seems to drape itself over the hill topped with the ruins of medieval chateau. As well having a cool drink at one of the two cafes in the village by the river we climbed up to the ruin through the cobbled streets lined with stone houses so we could admire the view.

A lovely first day in Luxembourg.

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