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The stinky sea lions

The lazy gits closer up

Comorant looking after chicks

The idyllic beach

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The racket of the sea lions

For our last day in Chile Anna booked us onto a tour to see some Chilean wildlife. I got ill in the night again so the thought of a small boat bobbing up and down in the sea didn't really appeal too much but the show must go on as they say. We headed two hours north out of La Serena to the port at Choros and boarded our small boat. Fortunately the sea wasn't too violent and on the way to the island we saw the brilliant site of bottlenose dolphins gliding through the water next to us which more than made up for feeling poorly.

As we approached the island the first thing to hit us was the smell of the sea lions long before we saw them. They stank and that is an understatement. These lazy gits hardly moved as we passed by but they seemed happy basking in the sun huddled up together. Quite funny so see and hear them yawning.

The next wildlife on the itinerary was Humboldt penguins. Although we got to see them they were too far in on the shore to get a good look however watching them waddle made everyone laugh.

Along the rest of the shoreline we saw hundreds of comorants and two tiny sea otters who seemed to be doing a backstroke back to their homes on the rocks. More penguins and bird varieties populated the rest of the coast before we landed on a picture perfect beach for an hours rest before the journey back to the mainland and our last few hours in super La Serena which has become a firm favourite in Chile & South America.

Day 329 complete

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