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It is usually a pleasure to sleep with the windows open and that is what we did last night.

Guess what?

A cold front blew in during the night and the temperature dropped, so I awoke to a brisk 51 degrees, with the windows open.

It didn’t take long to get the windows closed again, and to get the bedroom fan turned off.

The fireplace soon made things quite comfortable for us as we sat together sipping our coffee.

Our friend Sherry arrived a bit before 11:00 and we shared hugs in greeting.

We sat indoors visiting until we all felt the need for some lunch.

We drove to Billy Gene’s Restaurant where we enjoyed a fine, tasty, lunch.

After lunch we drove to a well-known hardware store called “Gibson’s”.

I found an item I was needing, as did Marilyn and Sherry.

Next we drove along the Guadalupe River on Hwy 39, west to the River Inn.

We stopped for a few pictures but the cool temperature, combined with the gusting wind, kept us inside the car for the most part.

Back at the RV we continued our visit with our friend, recalling times when we were all together with Sherry and her husband, Rick. We all miss this good man.

Because of the weather we’ll just stay indoors and watch some TV this evening.

Tomorrow, Dan & Pat will be here and we look forward to a good visit with these fine friends.

Our time remaining here in Kerrville is growing short, as we are leaving on Saturday.

We still hope to be in Hannibal on May 9th.

So that is the way our cool, breezy, day went today.

Any day, regardless of the weather, spent in the company of good friends, is a fine day indeed.

Life is Good!

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