Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

Between 10am and 1pm tomorrow we must pick up an immigration tickets to leave the ship in an orderly manner as our numbers are called. We have a night shore trip in Dubai tomorrow, on Mother Earth, off the ship, on solid ground, hip hip hooray!

The unimaginable happened, the women pulled it off and won trivia, battle of the Sexes. They lost with the question “What was the first canned vegetable? “ Men said corn, correct answer peas. I knew the answer from another cruise.

Belly dancing lesson number two, what fun. I need to find an instructor closer to home.

Origami lesson took 2 1/2 hours. It was a work of art that can never be repeated. I may frame it.

Tonight in the dining room lobster was on the menu. D thought maybe we should go to the second seating too.

Evening show in the theater, Rookie. A band that played songs from the 50’s and 60’s. The lead singer was in Jersey Boys on Broadway. They were very well received because everyone member was talented. The only time an encore has been requested.

I made mini photo books with some women from Origami class. Lead by Linda. One of the people in the elevator incident. Then I helped them make an Acropolis scrapbook page from card stock, folding, and ink edging. I’ve had plenty of time for pattern making experimentation. Hoping to find a few glue sticks in Dubai. Maybe I should ask someone how to say glue stick in Arabic.

My Mandarin is improving and I can say it’s a nice day and see you later. The young women who work in a buffet test me at breakfast.

The second show just started we are in our room and the sound is just about right, not quite as loud as in the actual theater. Oh well it only lasts an hour. Better than diesel fumes or a leaking ceiling.

P.S. We are between Oman and Iran right now.

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