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Sarah and Joe enjoying the view from Piani d'Erna

yet another gorgeous view; yes I did need those layers

here come the clouds

my first chianti at a famous Italian restaurant, La Corte Di Lucia

As Sarah and Joe are only here for three days, it was important to factor in some must see/do activities and we had heard that The Piani d'Erna is spectacular.

The area is a mountain resort located at 1375 m asl in the Lecco area , dominated by Mount Resegone and reached by a recently modernized cableway, which starts from Malnago, so Joe took the windy road up to the car-park and we did the cable car ride up, with our winter clothes on (weather was predicted to be a top of 16 up on the hill) and had a gorgeous day exploring the land. It mattered not that it was bit drizzly and as we left the clouds were moving over; this only added to the gorgeous atmosphere. Joe was pretty keen to try the local food, so we took Salvatore's recommendation and went to a local traditional restaurant. Writing this retrospectively, I now realise that the Restaurant is quite famous for its Manzonian connections. I now appreciate its title La Corte Di Lucia, as Lucia was one of the main protagonists in the famous novel 'The Betrothed'. The restaurant was behind an old wall and an old courtyard; now I realise that the courtyard is very historic. Here's what eccolecco and wikipedia had to say about this location: The alleged house of Lucia is, according to the novel by Alessandro Manzoni , the place of residence of Lucia Mondella . The house is located in the district of Olate , in the municipality of Lecco in Lombardy .

Although it is considered by many Manzonian topography scholars as the most reliable house, it is disputed with another house located in the district of Acquate called as Traditional house of Lucia ; both at the time autonomous locations.

The houses, in rural style, are representative of the architecture of Lecco: a two-storey linear rustic building, with a walkway and wooden stairs as well as a courtyard in front of it.

The room we chose to eat in was a conservatory style glass room which enabled us to peer into the courtyard. The service was lovely even though we had some obvious language problems. All the restaurants we have been in have challenged us as the menus are in Italian and then we get food lust when we look across to see what someone else has ordered. But we'd rather have it this way than to go downtown to the touristy spots. And the more authentic ones are all near our home and have a beautiful charm about them.

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