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Bill & Mo walking the river trail

Bill peeling off invisible bra 1

Bill peeling off invisible bra 2 (see right side versus left)

We really enjoyed the summer-like temps yesterday. The sun shone all day, and we made it up to 80 degrees. When I checked Denver's temp in the morning, it was only 15! I worked on my colored pencil project in the morning while Bill reviewed the January bank statements. I set up the crockpot early in the afternoon. I sautéed onions, celery, carrots and garlic in a little butter, added various seasonings, a split turkey breast, broth and a little water. About 2 hours on low, and it's done to perfection (165 degrees). I just needed to shred the turkey and thicken the sauce. I served it over leftover mashed potatoes. It's one of my go-to Ninja crockpot recipes. Of course, anything with sauce is a winner with Bill. While that was cooking, we walked over to Dwayne and Florence's cabin and sat outside, enjoying the perfect weather. We came back, ate early (4:30-ish) and walked over to the rec center for the Super Bowl party. Free food (wings, poppers, pigs in a blanket, fries, etc.) was offered just for us winter Texans. I skipped the fried food (Bill sampled it) and grabbed a couple scoops of the free ice cream. We watched the game on the rec center's big screen for a while, but without the Vikings or Broncos playing, we just weren't interested. Instead, we came back to the rig and finished watching Australia (we had started it the previous night). We've been invited over to Randy and Karen's cabin for supper tonight. The forecast is for thunderstorms here tomorrow and early Wednesday morning. That means rain, which means I will need to have the puppy pee pads on the counter, ready to catch the kitchen cupboard drips. Yesterday aside, this has been one of the coldest winters we've had down here. Most winters, we leave with a full tank, then fill the propane tank a week or two after we get down here, then once more before we leave for home. We filled it shortly after we got here this year and are already down to just over half a tank, with more cold weather forecast this week. We will probably need another visit from the propane Nazi (think Seinfeld's cranky soup Nazi) either this Wednesday or next. Of course, when I say it's cold here, I'm wimpier than most. It's in the upper 40's now, cloudy, with 50% humidity and a cold north breeze. I'm freezing, but there are always a few guys here in shorts!

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