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Pretty lady

The next morning it was time to go visit my mom and to see Jeanne and Mike. We stopped by Jeanne's first to say hello and kind of make plans for the day. Then on to the memory care center where my mom lives. And my heart sunk when she was hard to waken and then did not know who I was. I was crushed and really had a hard time to keep from bursting into tears. Instead I tracked down the head nurse to figure out what was going on. We gave her some time, and still she did not know me. So we went back to Jeanne's for lunch, with plans to go back later to try again. And this time she did know me but did not even remember my coming by earlier. We decided that it was the effects of the antibiotic she had been on, since that was having other side effects also.

Jeanne and Mike ordered in Chinese for dinner that night. We didn't stay too long since Jeanne's surgery was the next day.

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