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Scuba Divers

Quarry Jumpers

Half Marathon Start

Half Marathon Path with Cycle Parade Alongside

Buffalo from Ontario.near Peace Bridge

Peaceful Niagara. Parkway

Denton Grenke

Denton's Home

Things have changed considerably since the last post. On the night after we saw the chiropractor Sue experienced some very sharp pain in the middle of the night. We decided to head into Buffalo the next day to an urgent care facility to get another opinion. To our delighted surprise she was seen by a concerned nurse and concerned doctor who came up with a clear diagnosis and prognosis for her condition. She has been experiencing sciatic pain do to a combination of her bursitis and a tightness in a back muscle causing pressure on the sciatic nerve. This diagnosis was more detailed but in agreement with the chiropractic diagnosis. The doctor prescribed a combination of heat, an anti-inflammatory ointment, and specific stretching. So, we are now confident that we are on the way to a cure. It may take some time though.

So that changed our plans again. We had extended our stay at Sherkston Shores until today, but were blocked from a further extension by Canada Day on July 1. So, we are moving to the AA Royal Motel and Campground in North Tonawanda, NY for six nights. From there we were able to reserve a spot for two nights at the 50 Point Conservatory Campground on the south shore of Lake Ontario in Canada. After that we will be on our original plan when we move to Woodland Park near Sauble Beach, ON.

Meanwhile we spent ten more days at Sherkston Shores and were entertained by scuba divers who explore the depths of the adjoining quarry and young people who jump into the quarry from the small cliffs on the shore. Sue has been slowly getting more mobile. But she has still been limited from doing the kind of exploration to which we have been accustomed in our travels.

I have remained mobile but have done less absent my exploring partner. Last Saturday I ran a half marathon in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. It was a nice out and back course with small rolling hills that ran along the Niagara River. Unfortunately, the temperatures headed into the mid-80s and resulted in my recording a personal worst time among my 45 half marathons. I still felt good about finishing the race in the limiting heat.

I also explored the river by car when I drove north on the Niagara Parkway from the Peace Bridge to Niagara Falls. The Parkway is a road that my family traversed in the 1950s on our trips to the falls. I enjoyed the drive which features the river to the right, many large homes to the left, and a bike path that covers most of the miles all the way to the falls. It was a very quiet drive with little traffic until I got to the falls. At that point there was a sudden explosion of tourism and a crowded environment. When I saw parking advertised at $18 per car, I decided to not stop at the falls but instead headed to the QEW and back to Sherkston Shores.

We also had a chance to visit with Dunedin neighbor Denton Grenke. Denton lives in nearby Ridgeway in a lovely home in an adult community. We joined him for dinner at a restaUrant in Crystal Beach.

Tomorrow we have a border crossing back into the USA for an appointment at Camping World to repair the air conditioner and then it will be on to the motel campground.

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