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On Thursday Ms. Karen spent the morning doing some things all by herself. Her son dropped her off at Ten Ten Nails and she got here finger and toe nails all pretty. They couldn't help me because I just have fur and cloth on my paws. After that, she got some tacos. Then a massage. When she was done she took the Skytrain and got back to the hotel all by herself.

We sat around the hotel for a while and then we took a cab to Central World. This is another mall in the Bangkok area. We had dinner at Din Tai Fung which is a restaurant from Taiwan. They make little puffs filled with meat and other items. Then they put them in steamer baskets. The baskets are set over a special table that shoots steam in them. I wanted to get some pictures but we were in a great hurry.

Just as we were leaving Central World it started to rain. We couldn't find our Grab It car we had ordered so we just jumped in a Taxi. He took us to the theater. The Sala Chatermkrung Royal Theater was very beautiful. You are not allowed to take pictures during the show but Ms. Karen bought some postcards that she will bring for show n tell. Some of the performers came out after the show and we got to take their picture.

The show was a Thai Mask Dance about Hanuman the Monkey King and his adventures in helping Phra Ram. Here is a brief trailer about the show I found on YouTube.

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