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Street Vendors and Music - Urban Harvest Bismarck

Everyone loves a street musician and Food Vendors

Took a walk to the Capitol Square and The Heritage Center, downtown...

The Heritage Center, a really interesting and absorbing presentation of local history

This guy is 50,000 years old!! I suddenly have a new interest...

Prehistoric Triceratops !! This guy really walked the earth!!!

I told you I have a new fascination!!!!

The predecessor to our Buffalo - big isn't he???

The North Dakota State Capitol Building

The perfect way to end the day!

What a great day!! I did not expect to like North Dakota so much!! Just shows you what traveling can do for a person!! Expands your mind! Imagine that!

We did some needed catch up chores and then set off for a walk around the downtown area of Bismarck. First we came upon a small street fair, which was very enjoyable. Sat and had a listen to the music for awhile. We were looking for the Capitol building so I could browse through the Heritage Center. A very nice couple sat down to share our table with us and of course we started chatting, mostly about the absolutely delicious smelling pile of bbq and crispy onion rings they brought over!! But it quickly led to more conversation! In the end, he gave us his business card and said if while we were iin North Dakota and needed ANYTHING, please call him because wherever we were, he was sure he would know someone who could help us out!! And they offered to give us a ride to the Capitol!! We graciously declined because we had an appointment to get Mike's haircut. That was the second offer we had from someone to give us a ride to the Capitol!! When asking how far it was, everyone said, "oh, I am not sure, maybe 5 miles!" The whole town isn't even 5 miles long I don't think so we set off walking and Googled it!! It was 1.2 miles!! That just cracks me up!!! Another reason why we have to takes someone's advice objectively!!!

We had a good look around the Herittage Center. North Dakota has quite a colorful history, many tribal ruins are around but we were not able to get around quite that far. It was so interesting to read the history. Something I forgot to mention when we were in Medora. A really important something!! When I wanted to find out what else Medora was famous for, Theodore Roosevelt had his ranches in Medora. We started our visiti to the Heritage Center with a history lesson and movie on Theodore Roosevelt and his connection to North Dakota, more specifically Medora. Very fascinating! I have a few books added to my reading list about Teddy Roosevelt! He was a fascinating man and responsible for the preservation of land into National Parks!!

I know I have said it 100 times, but this trip has opened my eyes to so many incredible stories and experiences!! How does one learn it all?? There is so much to know about EVERYTHING!!

It was a great day, relaxing, informative, productive and nourishing!! We always manage to find good food everywhere!!

Back on the road tomorrow! I think it gets pretty flat from here! The winds have quieted down, so that is going to be a real shocker to actually have to pedal for ourselves!!!

If all goes well, we may be able to catch up with the Tufts, our Winter Texan friends from Canada! The timing may be right and we could cross paths as they head to the Fredericksburg RV Park Reunion in Aberdeen, SD!! How cool to be able to visit friends we know while on the road!!

Thanks for checking in !!!

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