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Carpe Diem at Williamsburg Thousand Trails

Welcome to Virginia
If they're happy to see us why was the Welcome...

Crossing the James River on I 295

James River bridge

East of Richmond we headed east on I 64

I 64 east of Richmond

Nancy at cabin with ubiquitous computer

We visited the US Army Transportation Museum

RDS with CH34 helicopter
Sandi flew in these in the '60s

Sikorsky Skycrane

Skycrane rotor detail

The Army had more watercraft than the Navy

They also ran railroads in the US and abroad

Early Army Transportation

We visited the Hampton Roads Naval Museum

The USS Wisconsin is at the museum

Another view of the Wisconsin

A model of the USS Pennsylvania
She was the largest and last US...

A section of the turret from the USS Monitor

The museum fronted with a 16" naval projectile

The old customs house in Norfolk

Tue, 24 May: Last leg...

After more than a week on the road today was the last leg, for a while. We drove from Roanoke Rapids SC to Williamsburg VA, where we'll stay till early in June. We're at the Thousand Trails park and are anticipating a weekend visiting with family who will be in a cabin over the Memorial Day Weekend.

We left the Roanoke Rapids Wal*Mart at 0835 and continued north on I 95 into Virginia. At exit #4 we pulled into a Pilot/Flying J truck stop for fuel, which took us almost a half hour as the trucks at the pump didn't seem too motivated to leave. Usually commercial drivers are more considerate than that.

Back on the interstate a quarter past nine 49 gallons of diesel happier. The drive north was uneventful with light traffic. I 95 was not in the best of condition and Carpe rocked and rolled her way north. South of Richmond we moved to I 295 east to bypass the city. From I 295 we moved to I 64 east toward Norfolk and Williamsburg.

Traffic on I 64 was moderate but moved well. The drivers in Virginia aren't any better at merging than they were in South Carolina and each on ramp became a real adventure. Folks, you're supposed to match the speed of traffic while on the ramp...

We exited the interstate west of Williamsburg (near Norge) and a few quick turns later we were at the Thousand Trails park gate. We wove our way among the trees to the office and were assigned a site right across from the office/clubhouse/laundry. Better yet, our site is right across the street from the cabin our family will be occupying this weekend.

Today's run was an easy 115 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8½ MPG.

Fri, 27 May: Happy Birthday Mickey!!!

We're pretty much settled in at the Thousand Trails park in Williamsburg Virginia. We're in a nice spot right across from the registration office. We're getting to see all the comings and goings (right now there are far more comings...) It looks as tho it'll be a busy, busy weekend with just about every kid east of the Mississippi here, along with their doggies.

On Wednesday we met for lunch with good friends Cheryl and Tom Bradley. The Bradleys were tablemates during our '08 South America cruise aboard the ms Prinsendam. They live in Virginia and were planning to visit Williamsburg for some shopping so we arranged our rendezvous. What fun.

We are also looking forward to being shipmates again as Tom & Cheryl are booked on our September '16 cruise from Seattle to Sydney on the ms Maasdam. They'll also be staying aboard for the circumnavigation of Australia that follows.

Yesterday was some shopping, mail delivery, and household chores. This morning we drove to Norfolk News for a Costco visit. Later today we're looking forward to the arrival of our sister & brother-in-law, Nancy & Shel Kirsch. They're driving down from New Jersey and, at last contact, are sitting somewhere near Washington DC playing in traffic. Lucky them.

Tue, 31 May: A very busy, busy weekend...

What a wonderful weekend we had with our sister Nancy & her hubby Shel. They drove down from New Jersey on Friday and spent ten hours on the road. They arrived about half past six and we got them settled into their cabin, right across the road from Carpe's site. East coast traffic is the pits and they were really tuckered out when they got here.

Nancy brought food for Friday dinner and we got things warmed and set up for a wonderful and yummy feast. Nancy made some of her brisket, which is based on our Mom's recipe. There is nothing like it this side of heaven. We stayed up till all four of us were nodding in our seats and we headed off for bed.

Saturday Nancy and Sandi were up early. Nancy was already sitting at the picnic table on the cabin's deck working away on her computer. Nancy is an Energizer Bunny, always on the go. Sandi brewed some tea and joined her at the table. Soon the guys, Bob & Shel, joined the gabfest till rumbling tummies demanded breakfast, which was omelets a'la Sandi.

Other than a quick Wally run we stayed at "home", either at the cabin or the coach, gabbing, laughing, gabbing, and gabbing. Bob BBQd for lunch & dinner as tomorrow is looking like a wet day. Again we were up till our nodding and yawning reached epic proportions.

Sunday dawned cloudy and deteriorated from there. Again early risers Nancy & Sandi sat & talked on the cabin's porch till the guys arose and joined them. Breakfast was again, by popular demand, omelets a'la Sandi. The rains started mid morning and continued pretty much for the balance of the day. No worries, we were together and having a ball.

Memorial Day was a sad day, Nancy and Shel headed home. They left before six even tho Sandi needed one last HUG! We breakfasted alone with our long faces on. It is always a let down when you anticipate something for so long and all too soon it is over.

We spent the balance of a very rainy Memorial Day working on our computers and getting caught up.

Which brings us to today. It was partly sunny this morning and following breakfast we drove to Newport News and Fort Eustis Army Base. Eustis is the home of the US Army Transportation Museum and is also where Sandi was assigned for six months in 1964 (that is 52 years ago!)

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the museum. After leaving Ft. Eustis we continued east to Costco so Bob could pick up a prescription (it wasn't ready yet!) and then back home.

Sat, 03 Jun: We're getting "hitch itch"...

We've been here since last Tuesday and we're beginning to develop a major case of "hitch itch". Hitch itch is a condition RVers get when we've seen the same scene outside our windows for too many consecutive days. It is easily curable by starting the engine and rolling wheels—exactly what we're planning to do tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, we've been busy. After a few days of R&R following our visit to the US Army Transportation Museum, yesterday we ventured to Norfolk and the US Naval Museum. The drive was an hour east on I 64 along the bridge/tunnel to Norfolk and then city streets to the museum.

We made good time and arrived mid-morning despite road repairs near the museum that pretty much thwarted our efforts to find a parking garage. We eventually got Carpe Dinkum parked and walked a few blocks to the museum.

The museum features the battleship USS Wisconsin as a static display. She is in excellent condition and seeing one of those monsters always makes our hearts go pitter-pat.

We opted to visit the museum which has an excellent array of artifacts and displays of the Navy's history with emphasis on the Norfolk area. We were impressed with the ship's models of the early sailing man-o-war. A section of the Navy's first ironclad, the USS Monitor's gun turret, is on display.

They take us thru major US Navy engagements including the Spanish American, WW I, WW II, cold war, and Middle East conflicts. It was very moving and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

We left the museum shortly after noon and reclaimed Dinkum from the garage. We retraced our route, but this time traffic was backed up from the bridge/tunnel and it took us longer than an hour to get to Newport News and the Costco where Bob picked up a script (and, of course, lunch at the Food Court!)

Following Costco we returned home and have remained here since. The weather has been cloudy with rain almost every day. Yesterday and today are no exceptions with thunderstorms forecast throughout the day and into tomorrow. Tomorrow's are forecast to be severe later in the day so our plan is to get on the road early.

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