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Today's drive was a short one from the Bay of Fundy to the Atlantic coast through lower Nova Scotia, so we had time for a field trip before we left. We drove to a lobster packing facility in Parkers Cove, located across the street from the harbor where the spiny creatures were being unloaded. Here the trapping season is still going strong and sort of an assembly line was going great guns sorting the lobsters by size and putting them in crates. The crates were stored in aerated 37ยบ sea water and may not be sent on to customers around the world until the season is over. The cold water puts the lobsters in a dormant state, alive but no longer eating. Their claws are rubber banded on the fishing boats or the creatures would tear each other to shreds.

Afte communing with the beasts we had a chance to shop for dinner. Many bought fresh scallops and we had a communal grill/steam/boil with potluck side dishes once we arrived in Lunenburg. The fresh taste was spectacular and we hope we have the opportunity to use our lobster pot many more times before we head south.

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