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Leaving Cavalaire

Huge entertainment area for children on the beach

Walkways and bike paths along the coast.

Beautiful coastline again

this is only one of the manyparking areas for bikes we saw.

Signs and ticket offices appear.

Bikes everywhere

Lots of them

Lovely parks along the way

Just like any other highway

Home again

Pool on the right. The manager embodied C'est la Vive. Unfriendly too.

We squeezed our little camper in this way as it wouldn't fit...

Thursday, May 7th.

Again the drive along the coast was spectacular. As we didn’t have far to drive we elected to take the local roads rather than the auto route. It was interesting especially around St Tropez. Traffic jams everywhere. It took us 15 minutes to get through a round-about.

All because of a huge Harley Davidson Convention. Welcome Harley signs were everywhere for about 20 km. It seemed like 1,000 of bikes were riding with us along the coast. packs (or clutches, or groups, it seems like there should be a name for 10 or more bikes traveling together – they were noisy!). It certainly was a beautiful coast to drive a bike on – lots of twist and turns and scenery everywhere. Not too bad in an RV either.

A little way down the coast we found a lovely campground at Antibes on the Cote D’Azur.

It was time to do housekeeping and around 4 o’clock the people behind us were returning from a day trip to Monaco. I did a little eves dropping and realized they were British so I snuck through the little hedge to chat with them. Oh yes, they said you have to take the train to Monaco, it was easy, inexpensive and the best way to get there.

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