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This morning I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. White to discuss next steps for treating the pain in my shoulder blade area. He is reluctant to do opiod injections in my spine because, over time, the need for more increases and the relief is less. I don’t like that option either! Another possible option is to test a spinal cord stimulator and, if that works well, he would recommend permanently installing one. The fly in the ointment is the interference by the rods along my spine, which make the operation very tricky.

I told him that Dr. Geck says I need to have surgery (3rd time!) to correct the problem. Dr. White said that he would support this option because it would get to the root of the problem, whereas pain management procedures merely treat the symptoms. I just hate the thought of going under the scalpel again. I will discuss the stimulator option and other issues with Dr. Geck during my next visit with him in mid-November. None of my options (including just living with the pain) make me want to click my heels together for joy!

After lunch I took my Jitterbug smart phone and my Windows XP computer to Best Buy to see if the tech could figure out why my computer cannot “see” the photos I’ve taken with the phone even though Windows Explorer shows that the phone is plugged in. She worked for over an hour trying different things but could not make it work. She reluctantly gave up and told me that my computer system is just too old. It’s over the hill like its owner, I guess. We make quite a pair. :>)

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