2015 Montana, Calgary Stampede, Icefield Parkway travel blog

There isn't a whole to report on this entry. We did get some last minute shopping for a few items that are harder to find in Canada. We also did some deep cleaning of the Mothership for the first time this trip. Part of our preparations to entering Canada has been making sure we have used up all of the foodstuffs that Canada doesn't want us to bring in such as fresh fruit and vegetables as well as they currently have a ban on all poultry products including eggs. So we have been eating a lot of chicken, veggies and fruit recently!

We have added the Global Services plan for Canada and Mexico to our Verizon. That has changed quite a bit since we were last in Canada in 2010. Then we could add Canada to our plan for an extra $20 and have the same amount of minutes and texts as when we are in the USA. That plan is no longer available and we pay an extra $30 to get 250 minutes of voice and the same texts as on our US plan. They also include 250mb of data which is next to useless but hopefully will be enough to get our bills paid when due. We will be suspending our own MiFi and Home Phone Connect service while in Canada to get our charges down and prevent those devices from using any data or voice while we are in Canada.

We will be reliant on campground and coffee shop WiFis during our stay so the blog may not get updated as often or even posted until we get back into Montana August 5th. Even if I can get an entry or two out they will most likely not have pictures until we get back into the US.

At any rate, we leave in the morning and our first stop will be a four-night stay in MacLeod, Alberta leaving there on July 1 for a two week stay in Calgary, AB.

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