2014 Cross Country 2 travel blog

Today's circuitous route

Noah's Ark still not done

Lake at Rocky Gap State Park

Winnie at Site 9 at Rocky Gap

Seen at our campsite - I wish I knew if they were...

We got the good new this morning about 1030 that Winnie's problem was not a fuel pump but a shorted ignition switch. The folks at CHP were able to find a 1995 Chevy 1-ton pick up switch that fit and it worked great. It was a $30 part and $300 labor (3+hours of hanging upside down in the driver's seat). Thanks to Todd at CHP for getting Winnie in the garage, diagnosed and fixed as an unscheduled repair. If you are ever passing through Cumberland and need truck or RV repairs try CHP.

We were on the road heading west by about noon. We almost got to Grantsville where we stayed last night with Cindy when I looked at the dash and saw the "Auto Park" light on. This warning light indicates that there may be a malfunction with the emergency brake. After reading the owners manual we decided to head back to CHP to see if it was related to the ignition switch repair. By 1:00PM we were back at CHP asking for a diagnosis. After some fiddling around under Winnie, they decided the "ugly green switch" on the emergency brake system was broke. bI won't go into a long story about this stupid emergency brake system that GM designed back in the 1990's, but it's enough to say that the electro-hydraulic system is way too complicated to not fail, and often. This is the third time I've had to have the system worked on and the second "ugly green switch" that had to be replaced. If you want to see what I'm talking about, Google "ugly green switch" and you will see many entries that are preceded by "bastard" and other epithets. Even though these switches fail with regularity they aren't stocked. CHP needed to order the part for delivery in the morning so it's another night in Cumberland.

During our trips back and forth on I-68 today we passed Noah's Ark several times near Frostburg. We passed it in 2012 and it looks like there hasn't been much progress. It's really called "God's Ark of Safety" and has been under construction since 1976. Even though it's on a hilltop, I hope it doesn't flood any time soon.

Since we could still drive Winnie, we decided to go to nearby Rocky Gap State Park for the night. Leaving Ringo alone for another night wasn't in the cards. The park is a pretty nice place. It's located on a reservoir and has a golf course. There's also a Casino. I think we'll skip the slots tonight to save the money for tomorrow's repairs. Here's hoping that we get the emergency brake fixed and we can make it out of Cumberland this time. Is that "I got you babe" playing in the background? Stay tuned.

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