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Moeraki Boulders

Mary "rocks"

Fleur's Place

Penguins at Moeraki Lighthouse

Before leaving Oamaru, we drove back downtown and spent an hour walking around viewing the beautiful Victorian buildings in the daylight. Unfortunately, the museum isn't open on weekends, but there were still many other buildings to see.

We left town and followed the coastal road to Kakanui. The beach scenery was beautiful and the grass may be the greenest I've ever seen.

Continuing on we arrived at the Moeraki Boulders. These geological oddities are round rocks about 3 to 4 feet in diameter. They appear on a small section of beach as the sea cliff erodes and deposits them on the shore. They look like an unusually round but otherwise normal stone when intact. When waves and erosion eventually cause them to split open, they look like a tangerine that has been peeled open and sectioned. The interior color and consistency is quite different than the external shell. Perhaps the pictures will make this easier to visualize.

We drove on into the little village of Moeraki and had a wonderful seafood lunch at Fleur's Place. Afterward, we happened upon a nice sea overlook while trying to find the Moeraki Lighthouse. Unfortunately, when we did find the lighthouse, access was blocked off some distance away. But fortunately, we followed the walking trail down toward the end of the small peninsula and found a colony of yellow eyed penguins and several seals on the beach.

We'd pretty much used up our sightseeing time, so we headed directly to our campgrounds in Dunedin. The scenery is changing, as we are now moving into some pretty hilly areas. Fortunately, we arrived in time for our group pizza party - Mary is a happy camper!

After dinner, we took a short walk into the woods for our first view of glowworms. These little creatures secrete a weblike substance that fluoresces at night, somewhat like a firefly. This light attracts small creatures which stick to it and provide dinner. On a dark night, this makes the woods look like a giant Christmas tree decorated with LED bulbs.

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