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Carpe Diem at Muscatine Iowa Wal*Mart

US 61 is known as Avenue of the Saints
This is a major...

US 61 is a beautiful road in Missouri

Crossing into Iowa on US 61

Mississippi River
This is just north of Keokuk Iowa

Traffic in Burlington Iowa
This was the most traffic on today's drive

North of Burlington US 61 is a two lane highway

Downtown Wapello Iowa

Sun, 25 May: Another good day's run...

Today was another road day. We had originally planned to drive the 450 miles from Branson to Moscow in three days, but as things worked out it'll be two long days and one short day.

We departed the Fulton, MO WalMart at 0825 and backtracked on US 54 Business to US 54. As expected on a holiday weekend Sunday morning, traffic was very light. We passed thru Mexico Missouri and then picked up state route 19 north to US 61 north.

US 61 took us thru Hannibal (no we did not see Shoeless Joe or Mark Twain). The bypass was very good and we had very little traffic. North of Hannibal we went thru or near several small towns. At Canton we decided to switch drivers and Sandi pulled into a brand new Ayerco travel plaza. They had truck diesel pumps so we decided to top off the tank even tho we only needed 32 gallons. That turned out to be a good decision as diesel is 20¢/gallon more in Iowa.

While at the travel plaza we noticed that they had a Steak & Shake store. We've never tried their food so we decided to have an early lunch. Both our sandwiches were very good and we'll definitely stop again.

Continuing north on US 61 we crossed into Iowa just west of Keokuk. Here US 61 is much closer to the Mississippi River and we got our first view of the "Big Muddy" north of town. Burlington was the only big town with any significant traffic, and that was mostly caused by too many stop lites.

North of Burlington US 61 becomes two lane road and goes thru several small towns. We knew we were in Iowa when we saw grain elevators, water tanks, churches, and bars (and not necessarily in that frequency)...

We arrived at the Muscatine WalMart at 1400 and got set up for the nite. We disconnected the car and drove eleven miles to the Shady Creek Campground, a Corps of Army Engineers recreation facility right on the Mississippi River. As expected, the campground was full but almost every camper will be leaving tomorrow (Monday) and we'll probably mosey over there and spend the nite on the river.

At this point we are only eighteen miles (as the crow flies) from the HWH service facility in Moscow. Our appointment is for Wednesday, but we plan to arrive Tuesday so we're positioned for the 0700 service call. We do not know how long it'll take them to diagnose and correct the problem (which, by the way, has not recurred for the past several weeks), but we hope to be back on the road by the end of the week.

Right now our plans are to head for Des Moines after Moscow and spend some time with our Sis-In-Law Carolyn. From there north to Forest City to the Winnebago Service Facility for some minor issues.

From there???

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