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Board games by the pool at Daly Waters

How can you win with a hand like that?!

Enjoying the warmer water

These places have to come up with unusual things I suppose ...

And again ...

Our most expensive 2 litres of milk yet was at Daly Waters!


Daly Waters is not far up the highway from Newcastle Waters and so even after spending an hour looking around the ghost town of Newcastle Waters, we still got into Daly Waters before midday. Apart from the pub, with attached caravan park, there really isn't much current action happening in Daly Waters. Like a lot of these places it has some interesting and unusual (white) history. Daly Waters seems very proud of the fact that it was Australia's first international airport - it was a re-fuelling stop for QANTAS international flights from Brisbane and other east coast cities before they actually crossed the seas. During the war it was used as an aerodrome for troop movement.

Anyway, during tourist season it's one of those places where most people only stay one night (there's not that much to see, and it's the same show at the pub every night) but the whole caravan park empties out and fills up every day. Arriving early in the day, we were one of the first but by the time we were getting our dinner, people were checking into the last unpowered sites.

The pub is one of those classic Aussie bush pubs where every space is covered in some type of paraphernalia, be it ID cards, caps, bras, thongs (the type you wear on your feet. There's a 'thong tree' where you can hang your old thongs under the auspices of creating a breeding program for the endangered Aussie thong - threatened by the introduction of the croc and other foreign species of footwear).

Having an afternoon to pass in a place not abounding with options, the kids were really happy to hang out in the pool (the first place for a while it's been warm enough to do so) and play board games. You order your dinner when you check in and the pub advertises its 'world famous' beef n barra so we thought we'd better try it. We ordered for the 6 pm sitting and eventually the time rolled around, our names were called (it's a pretty slick operation here) and we enjoyed what really was a pretty delicious fillet of fresh barramundi and of steak. We wanted to get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour and so left as local entertainer (and ex-rodeo clown) Chilli was starting up his nightly Aussie show. It was almost futile though, as we heard pretty much every word of the stand-up comedy/bush poetry/song routine loud and clear from Old Bess.

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