Being Elite - Spring 2013 travel blog

We've only been home about three weeks after spending the winter enjoy various southwestern deserts. We had visions of golf, bike riding and tennis outdoors. The motor home is filthy after the long drive home and we thought we would get it clean before we leave again. But the weather has been most uncooperative. The first week home it was so cold, we had to leave the motorhome furnace running to prevent the pipes freezing. We haven't had it on since, but we've flirted with the 32ยบ mark a number of nights. I looked forward to seeing spring flowers blooming, but nearly all the blossoms are still curled up tightly. There are hints that the trees may have leaves some day. But that day won't be anytime soon.

After a summer of drought, we've caught up with the rainfall in spades; seven inches fell in twenty hours. Many towns in this area are suffering big time. Streets and expressways have been closed. People have had to be evacuated from homes, apartments, nursing homes. Schools and universities have been closed. Brookfield Zoo was closed for two days for the third time ever. A sink hole formed in the soft soil beneath the pavement and sent cars crashing beneath the earth. One of them was occupied.

In our home the sump pump worked so hard, the hose blew off and the pump began to pump water into the basement. Luckily we were home at the time and an hour of vacuuming, restored our basement to its usual messy, but dry condition.

It's been great to catch up with friends and family, but we're ready to leave again. Hopefully, our next homecoming will find that spring time has finally arrived in northern Illinois.

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