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Truck with J.D. tractor. Can only be so wide so they take...

Looked like a giant bug coming down the highway.

Here's our town.

And here's our campground.


About the little gas station...

...shown here....

...that turned into a bait shop.

And the Cities Service Filling Station as it was when it was...

It's still the same. That's a tile roof on the office section

Another sunny day for our travels. The truck was acting funny, though, whenever we had to ask for more power going up hills. It seemed like it was hiccupping, felt like it was only getting the diesel in spurts...or something. Guess it’s off to the dealer we’ll go when we can find one near our route. I can also get them to repair the driver’s side back door (won’t open) and see how much it’ll cost to replace the gasket around the driver’s door so I don’t get all that wind noise.

This was really a rather boring drive today. The farms are getting larger and larger, mostly corn and soybeans, and houses are few and far between. We did drive through a couple of very small towns and saw Ft. Dodge in the distance but that’s about it. Took U.S. 20 the whole way to Correctionville then down IA 31 to the Little Sioux Park run by the Woodbury County Conservation Board. We have a nice pull thru lot one row from the Little Sioux River but Bob said there’s not much water in it right now. There are a bunch of geocaches right here in the park which is good since there’s not too much else for many miles around.

I'm glad we got here when we did because the park is beginning to fill up for the weekend. There's an area right down the road from us that is used for groups (family reunions and such) where they sort of "circle the wagons" (i.e. campers) and there is such a group gathering there now. There's also a lake with a beach, restroom/shower buildings and several well-equipped playgrounds spread throughout the large park. We're in the south area of the park; there's also another campground in the north area. The Union Bridge Trail connects the park to the town with a wide concrete path bridge that winds through scenic areas and crossing the Little Sioux River. We never did get to do that walk. Maybe another day.

From the Correctionville website: "Correctionville - the city with the longest single name in Iowa - was named for the" [1/2 block] "correction line which forms Fifth Street through the heart of the business district.

Surveyors, in making land divisions, used correction lines. Since the world is round, every land division from North to South cannot be the same size because the earth curves toward the top. To allow for this, East/West correction lines were established; adjustments were made along those lines to make all land parcels nearly equal in size.

In Correctionville, each North/South Street is adjusted at the Fifth Street correction line, creating a "jog". You cannot drive through our city, from North to South, without "jogging" at the correction line. Our main "jog" is at the heart of town (Fifth and Driftwood) where three townships meet."


Drove into Sioux City today to pick up my meds and wash the truck. Boy, is Highway 20 rough! It's a cement road so you have all the slab connections that create that wonderful "th-thump, th-thump" rocking. Had absolutely no problem with the truck and it's "hiccuping" today and I wonder if it's just going to happen when it's pulling the trailer. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Gave it a really good washing while we were in Sioux City and it ALMOST shines now.

We'll be staying one more night and then it's on to Montrose, South Dakota.

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