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La Quinta art fair

According to the local lore, the LaQuinta Art Fair is a must see. This juried show includes 300 of the best of the best artists. Judging by all the rich folks that seem to live around here, if I were an artist, this is a show where I would want to bring my work for sale. We studied the website before we came and aimed for the free parking lot. It was the size of a postage stamp, but there was plenty of valet parking. We found a spot on the street. Then we had to pay to get in, quite unusual from our experience. But the items on display were amazing - many things we had never seen before. Five and six figure price tags were common. I would have liked to take more detailed photos, but "fine" artists don't like you to take photos of their work. My motive would be admiration, but it could appear that I am stealing their ideas. If only I had the skill to do anything close to the work we saw today.

In the evening we went to down town Palm Springs, where the street is closed for six blocks every Thursday evening. Food vendors, farmers with produce, and retailers with nice items for sale that probably would not qualify for the La Quinta Art Festival take the place over. At every street intersection a musician performed; CD's for sale of course. I especially enjoyed seeing the "Talk to the Rabbi" booth. We ate paella from a food stall seated next to a couple from metro Chicago, glad to have escaped before the recent big snow storm.

We've been here two weeks and could easily stay one more. Thee's still plenty we haven't done. We haven't found time to play golf, even though we found a reasonably priced golf course reasonably close by. I've decided that my feelings about golf are a lot like my feelings about cooking. I don't mind doing either one, but there's usually something better to do.

People always ask us why we keep traveling around rather than return to the same spot year after year. Our boiler plate answer is that we are looking for the perfect place to live? to camp? to be? I've really enjoyed it here; both the natural and man-made attractions appeal. The weather has been outstanding. But we probably won't be back any time soon.

If only it wasn't so expensive to camp here. There are campgrounds closer to Palm Springs whose daily fees are equivalent to what we would pay for a hotel. We are camped further away, which means that we are averaging 30 - 40 car miles a day buying pricey CA gas. And we had to look for deals to justify our current digs. The campground has some activities, but not enough to keep us here within the bubble and out of the car. And most importantly we can't believe the Coachella Valley with all its wealth does not have a NPR station. Couldn't survive without that.

And so it is time to move on.

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