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Forks, WA - Forks 101 RV Park - site 6

Forks, WA - Forks 101 RV Park - site 6, another view

Forks, WA - Forks 101 RV Park - site 6, and another

Elma to Forks, WA 0 - our route - 128 miles

Elma to Forks, WA 1 - the US 101 bridge coming into...

Elma to Forks, WA 2 - driving through Aberdeen

Elma to Forks, WA 3

Elma to Forks, WA 4 - now heading north from Aberdeen to...

Elma to Forks, WA 5

Elma to Forks, WA 6 - looks like there is still a...

Elma to Forks, WA 7

Elma to Forks, WA 8 - Crossing Quinault River with Quinault Lake...

Elma to Forks, WA 9 - lots of wildflowers on the way

Elma to Forks, WA 10 - it was a little foggy when...

Elma to Forks, WA 11 - scenes from downtown Forks

Elma to Forks, WA 12

Elma to Forks, WA 13 - the Twilight movies were filmed near...

Quinault Rainforest 1 - the view from the Quinault Lodge of Quinault...

Quinault Rainforest 2 - views of the lake from the trail

Quinault Rainforest 3

Quinault Rainforest 4

Quinault Rainforest 5

Quinault Rainforest 6

Quinault Rainforest 7 - one of the houses across the lake a...

Quinault Rainforest 8 - scenes from the Rainforest Nature Trail

Quinault Rainforest 9

Quinault Rainforest 10 - large Douglas Firs

Quinault Rainforest 11

Quinault Rainforest 12 - the undergrowth

Quinault Rainforest 13- more tall trees

Quinault Rainforest 14 - a slug on a wet and mossy cross...

Quinault Rainforest 15 - this section has literally fallen apart

Hoh Rainforest 1 - the Hoh River we traveled beside on the...

Hoh Rainforest 2

Hoh Rainforest 3 - some of the huge Sitka Spruce trees on...

Hoh Rainforest 4

Hoh Rainforest 5 - this is a spruce on the left and...

Hoh Rainforest 6 - kind of eerie looking with all of the...

Hoh Rainforest 7 - on the banks of the Hoh River

Hoh Rainforest 8 - Misty says the water is very cold!!

Hoh Rainforest 9 - more tall trees

Hoh Rainforest 10 - notice this line of trees straddling a fallen...

Hoh Rainforest 11

Hoh Rainforest 12 -the two ladies with me - one enjoying the...

Hoh Rainforest 13 - looking up a tall one

Hoh Rainforest 14 - a babbling brook and fallen trees

Hoh Rainforest 15 - hard to miss this part of the trail

Hoh Rainforest 16 - a stream full of greenery

Hoh Rainforest 17 - X marks the spot

Hoh Rainforest 18 - interesting root shape

Hoh Rainforest 19 - a grove of maple trees amongst the spruce...

Hoh Rainforest 20

Hoh Rainforest 21 - this huge Sitka spruce is over 270 feet...

Rialto Beach 1 - The Sol Duc River before it joins the...

Rialto Beach 2 - where the Qillayute River joins the ocean

Rialto Beach 3 - shoreline pictures

Rialto Beach 4

Rialto Beach 5

Rialto Beach 6 - Misty thinks the surf is a little cold!

Rialto Beach 7 - the beach is full of driftwood

Rialto Beach 8

Rialto Beach 9 - entering the tribal area near La Push across...

Rialto Beach 10 - the Coast Guard station in La Push

Rialto Beach 11 - La Push scenes

Rialto Beach 12

Rialto Beach 13 - see the fog bank starting to roll in

Rialto Beach 14

Rialto Beach 15 - vampire threat is in the RED zone

Cape Flattery 0 - our route - 115 miles

Cape Flattery 1 - scenes from the drive to the cape along...

Cape Flattery 2

Cape Flattery 3

Cape Flattery 4

Cape Flattery 5 - that's some of the mountains on Victoria Island,...

Cape Flattery 6

Cape Flattery 7

Cape Flattery 8 - a lot of this on the way

Cape Flattery 9

Cape Flattery 10 - just outside the Makah Cultural Center

Cape Flattery 11 - it is one of the better museums we've...

Cape Flattery 12 - back on the road to the Cape Flattery...

Cape Flattery 13 - this fog sure doesn't look good!

Cape Flattery 14 - hopefully this tsunami warning siren will not be...

Cape Flattery 15

Cape Flattery 16

Cape Flattery 17 - shots from the tip of Cape Flattery, the...

Cape Flattery 18 - we were lucky enough to see a Bald...

Cape Flattery 19

Cape Flattery 20 - boy, I love my new camera

Cape Flattery 21 - you can almost see Tatoosh Island off of...

Cape Flattery 22 - this is what it would have looked like...

Cape Flattery 23 - three of the sea caves

Cape Flattery 24 - another one

Cape Flattery 25 - another view a little lower down the trail

Cape Flattery 26 - one of the gazillion little coffee shops we...

Cape Flattery 27

It was grueling 128 miles from Elma to Forks, WA. The grueling part of it was the never-ending below speed limit curves, some without much warning, requiring constant braking and lots of steering wheel action. About half-way though the trip we stopped at the Quinault Rainforest area of the Olympic National Park to walk the Quinault Lake Trail and the Rainforest Nature Trail. It was about 2.7 miles total and a very nice work-out with beautiful views of the lake and then through the rainforest with large Douglas Firs and Red Cedars towering above us.

We are staying at the Forks 101 RV Park and have a 50 amp, full hookup, back-in site near the front of the park so that we would have no trouble getting the WiFi whose antenna is about a 100 feet from us! They have some real nice, grassy, pull-throughs in the back of the park which we would have chosen had we known that our Verizon would give us 4G like it does.

Wednesday we headed back down south a little ways and into the Hoh Rainforest, another National Park section close to the West Coast and full of towering trees. These were mostly Sitka spruce and hemlock trees. We did a couple of trails there and enjoyed the workout. Then we went to coast and visited Rialto Beach (also known as Mora) and the La Push tribe reservation. Rialto Beach was interesting for the massive amounts of driftwood on its shores and the fact that there is little sand on the beach since it consists mostly of small, worn pebbles.

Thursday we set out for Cape Flattery which is the northwest most point in the lower 48 United States. We have been to the NE corner (West Quoddy, ME), the SE corner (Key West, FL) and still need to go to Point Lomas, CA (the SW corner) in order to become members of the Four Corner Society. Anyhow, on the way to Cape Flattery Trail we entered the Makah Nation and visited their wonderful museum in Neah Bay before taking the road out to the trail. The trail itself was something else. It is only about ¾ of mile but it changes elevation about 150 feet in that short length. About half of the trail is a slightly elevated boardwalk with half a million steps! Doris did really well and actually was able to come back up the stairs faster than we went down. Our biggest problem was the boardwalk is fairly narrow and we had to stop numerous times to let people pass (in both directions) as we took our time and made sure she didn't fall going down the steps. The views from the end of the trail were great except the fog completely obscured Tatoosh Island where the Cape Flattery Lighthouse is located just offshore of Cape Flattery. The sea caves and other prominent sea stacks made up for it though. We were able to see a Bald Eagle on the way down the trail, our first one of this trip.

Today we just stayed around the Mothership and caught up on a few things and RESTED after three hard days of hiking. Tomorrow, we head for Sequim, WA for four nights where will attempt to see more of the Olympic National Park as well as others things around Sequim and Port Angeles.

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