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Yesterday was one of those we must take care of few things day. Dick went to wash the truck and I vacuumed and mopped floors. Tackled a mountain of laundry and dusted everything in sight. We needed groceries and set out with a city map in the back of the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Guide. The lay out of the city is becoming quite familiar to us and when it's really comfortable we 'll leave. I can tell you that food here is probably 20 percent higher than Indiana or Florida. So many of the items we bought were a dollar more and meat is gold. I had to sign up for another of those blasted discount cards or it would have been worse.

Today we are taking a jet boat tour on the Colorado river. It requires driving to Laughton,NV about 35 miles away. Two hours up stream to the London Bridge for lunch and 2 hours back. We must be there between 8:30 an 9:30 am and I am still not sure what time zone we're in. Nevada is Pacific and Arizona is suppose to be Mountain but we have gained 3 hours. It just doesn't make sense.

It appears that we are going to take every means of transportation on any body of water we are camped close to. This is my husbands favorite form of recreation. Yesterday there was a JC Penny's next to the Safeway and I went through the sale racks. That is my favorite recreation.

Our neighbors have 2 boxers named Bonnie & Clyde. Yesterday we left the tail gate down to remgrillsll's propane bottle. One of them was asleep on top of the tool box when we went to leave for the grocery store. How can you not notice a missing dog from a small travel trailer?

Pray that Dick sees an elk on the banks of the Colorado!

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